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S&A Stairs have been designing, constructing and installing staircases for over 98 years and with all of this experience, you can bet that there isn’t a type of railing we haven’t used in our business. In almost 10 decades we truly have used, tried and mastered all the different types and styles of handrails and we have to agree that metal railings are some of the best types to consider for your custom stairs.

If you haven’t decided on the best railing for your staircase or have some trouble with choosing then we can tell you, you certainly won’t be making a mistake when you go with metal. In fact, we often advise our customers that when in doubt, go with metal because it is one of the railings with the most benefits.

Here are the top benefits you will enjoy when you also decide on this railing type for your custom-made staircase.

1. The Strength of Stainless Steel

In handrails, strength is a top priority. This is, after all, the grip onto which you grab whenever you lose your foothold and everyone with a mobility issue will put their full weight on these railings every time they go up and down the staircase. Choosing a strong material for your handrails is critical if you want to create a secure staircase and there are few handrail types as tough as stainless steel.

2. High Durability

Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials in existence and as such, is probably one of the best picks for your staircase. This type of handrail can easily exceed the life expectancy of wooden handrails as long as the metal is protected against rusting.

3. Low Maintenance

Stainless steel is pretty easy to maintain.  When the stainless steel handrails are properly sealed with a protective layer of rust-proof paint, you won’t have to repaint your handrails for many years to come. They will stay in perfect shape through the years and will only need the occasional clean and dust.

4. Easy To Keep Clean

When you have a lot of people rushing up and down your staircase, you will have to get that handrail cleaned frequently in order to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Metal is pretty easy to keep clean because you can use just about any cleaning product or disinfectant under the sun on these handrails without damaging it. You can even give your handrail a good scrub to remove stubborn messes without damaging the surface.

5. Affordable

Stainless steel is cost-effective, especially compared to fine quality wooden railings but this is hardly the only thing that makes this an affordable solution. They are also easier and quicker to install. It is one of the more affordable handrail solutions and will last indefinitely due to the strength and durability of this type of material.

6. Flexibility

Stainless steel is pretty easy to install on different and unique staircase designs because it is flexible. These handrails can be bent and shaped into a desired shape by heating it. Our designers can perform a flawless smooth handrail installation on even the most unique and complex staircase types including spiral staircases and you will still enjoy something sleek, spectacular, functional and beautiful.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

A stainless steel handrail with the right design and finish will add lots of aesthetic appeal to your custom designed staircase. The finish is suitable for various decorating trends such as modern, contemporary, artistic and more.

8. Design Diversity

Stainless steel is flexible and can be installed in a great variety of styles and designs. Our designers can create something uniform or combine your handrails with various metal art effects for a very unique and interesting look.

Are you interested in a unique and beautiful stainless steel handrail? Then speak to our designers at S&A Stairs and we will help you design and install the perfect handrail.