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Glass Balustrade

As opposed to most balustrades, glass balustrade creates a solid barrier down the length of the flight, which makes glass a safe alternative to many traditional balustrades. At S&A, many of our commercial, feature, modern and contemporary stairs incorporate glass balustrade into the design. Often, it is combined with stainless steel handrail, rebated into timber stringers as well as rebated into a timber handrail at the top.


Perhaps the most universally liked benefit of glass balustrade is their ‘see-through’ nature, which means they promote light through the stairwell. In modern projects that exist in tight spaces, light is of a paramount importance. At S&A, our glass balustrade is made with thick, tempered glass, which is of industry standard. The glass is safety glass, so it never breaks into dangerous shards. Rather, when broken, the toughened glass shatters into smaller pieces that won’t cut the skin.