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February 26, 2019
Should I Upgrade or Replace My Staircase

Staircases can last a pretty long time. In Europe, a wooden staircase have been found in a Bronze Age salt mine that is over 3,000 years old and still in great condition.  While this is one of the oldest wooden staircase types there are plenty of stone staircases still standing today that dates from ancient […]

February 26, 2019
How Long Does a Custom Staircase Project Take?

Looking for an impactful way to transform your home? A custom staircase might be the answer. Offering a stunning centrepiece to any home, a custom staircase allows you to add your own personality to your home in a really meaningful way. Rather than through decorations or fixtures, you can leave your mark on your home […]

February 26, 2019
Designing a Custom Staircase on a Budget

Designing a custom staircase for your home or business is a fun, exciting project, but if you don’t understand your budget and know how to make your budget go the furthest, it can become stressful and overwhelming. Understanding the concepts of custom staircase designs can help you plan your budget accordingly. You don’t have to […]

February 15, 2019
Preparing Your Home For a New Custom Staircase

Having a custom staircase installed in your home is no small project. The entire design and installation process can take upwards of several weeks, and it’s important to properly prepare your home before the project even begins. Otherwise, you’re risking delays and complications with the installation. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you […]

February 11, 2019
Your Cleaning Guide for Different Staircase Materials

In most homes and buildings the staircase is one of the biggest decorative features in a room.  Staircases are big and take up lots of visual space. Modern staircases designed by S&A Stairs are also so beautiful you just cannot help but marvel at these creations.   As a major attraction feature or decorative element […]

January 22, 2019
Top Staircase Types to Consider For Your Building In 2019

2019 is finally here which means that our company has officially been designing, making and installing staircases for 99 years! We are definitely looking forward to 2020 when our staircase designers can celebrate a century of designing the finest quality staircases in Australia. The new year is bound to be packed with lots of exciting […]

January 22, 2019
The Top Pros and Cons of Glass Balustrades

Glass is one of the best and most versatile home construction and decor materials. It is believed that the art of glassmaking was discovered over 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and the Roman Pliny is one of that went on to develop the art even further. Today you can find glassware in just about every […]

January 22, 2019
Commercial and Residential Staircase Regulations in Victoria

Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1 was last drafted in 2016 and includes the standard for all commercial staircase builds here in Victoria. Every set of stairs that we construct must meet these safety standards and regulations, otherwise, the project may need to be started completely over. Therefore, the team at S&A Stairs must […]

January 22, 2019
DIY Staircase Repairs

Even with rigorous upkeep and maintenance, there may come a time when your staircase becomes damaged or worn down. Natural wear and tear will happen over time and barring any extreme situations, light damage is a natural part of using your staircase over the years. Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do […]

January 22, 2019
Caring for Wooden Stairs – Proper Maintenance and Upkeep Tips

Whether you have a traditional or modern staircase, a wooden staircase is often a striking centrepiece of your home. The more people that use the staircase, the higher chance that your staircase is going to become dirty, or even damaged. Without proper upkeep and maintenance, your staircase can become permanently damaged. At S&A Stairs, we […]

November 26, 2018
Things to Consider When Choosing Your Balustrades

The type of balustrades you choose for your indoor or outdoor staircase can have a huge impact on the aesthetics, safety, and style of your staircase and can also affect the room or building’s style. It is incredibly important to choose the correct type of balustrades because staircases are always a major focal point inside […]

November 26, 2018
The Different Types of Staircase Designs to Consider For Your Building

Are you still brainstorming the best staircase design for your building? Well, you do have your work cut out for you because modern staircase designs are more diverse than ever before and you can choose from an increasingly wide range of staircase types. This is excellent because it enables design teams to install a staircase […]

November 26, 2018
8 Benefits of Choosing Stainless Steel Handrail for Your Custom Stairs

S&A Stairs have been designing, constructing and installing staircases for over 98 years and with all of this experience, you can bet that there isn’t a type of railing we haven’t used in our business. In almost 10 decades we truly have used, tried and mastered all the different types and styles of handrails and […]

November 26, 2018
Top Timber Staircase Designs

Timber is a timeless classic when it comes to home design. From framework to finishing touches, timber is a robust, versatile material that works well in virtually any home. The same is true for staircases. Timber can be used in elegant, traditional staircases, but it can also be used in ultra-modern staircase designs. We wanted […]

November 26, 2018
Is a Custom Staircase Right for Me?

If your home needs an upgrade and you want to make the most impact with your budget, consider upgrading your staircase to a custom staircase. Most homeowners don’t consider changing their staircase because they believe it’s expensive, or they simply believe it’s not possible. A custom staircase is one of the most transformative home renovations […]

October 25, 2018
The Best Timber to Use for Your Next Interior Staircase

When it comes to selecting material for your new staircase, there are plenty of reasons why many homeowners are opting for timber. Not only does timber provide your spaces with a sense of warmth, they are easily able to compliment any type of decor and make a great first impression. Timber has long been a […]

October 19, 2018
Decorating Your Custom Staircase This Christmas Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your holiday decorations on your custom staircase from S&A Stairs. Your staircase may be the centrepiece of your home and could be the first thing your guests see when they arrive, but even if it’s not, we always recommend decorating […]

October 13, 2018
Safety Tips for Your Custom Staircase

Depending on the design and structure of your custom staircase, there may be specific safety tips and requirements that you need to know to keep you and your family safe. For example, there are different safety tips for a floating staircase than there would be for a traditional staircase. However, there are some staircase safety […]

October 9, 2018
How to Clean a Custom Staircase

When you have a custom staircase built for your home or business, you’re going to want to do everything you can to keep your staircase clean and looking brand new. Keeping your staircase clean is not only important for making your staircase look new, but also for elongating the life of your staircase. While you […]

October 2, 2018
Why is Steel So Popular In Custom Staircases?

With custom staircase trends changing every year, there’s a material that’s risen in popularity that seems to be sticking around for the long-run. Steel is an incredibly popular material for both residential and commercial custom staircases, and for some very good reasons. Home and business owners are realising not only the great structural benefits of […]

September 9, 2018
The S&A Stairs Story

As the area’s top provider of high-quality custom staircases, we wanted to share our story. For almost 100 years, S&A Stairs has been creating exceptional staircases that transform homes and businesses across Australia. In that time, we’ve earned the reputation of producing quality works of architectural art while keeping our designs high-quality, transformative, and cutting-edge. […]

September 4, 2018
Stairway Construction From Top to Bottom

Upgrading your staircase is no small task – from consulting with our design team to putting on the finishing touches to your custom staircase, there’s a lot that goes into this kind of project. Understanding the process and how your staircase comes together is an important step to working with our team on your design. […]

September 3, 2018
Handrail Styles for Every Project

There’s a lot more that goes into a staircase than you might realize. Aside from treads and risers, you need things like posts, balustrades, stringers, and one of the most important features, handrails. Handrails are what keep you and your family safe going up and down your stairs. This important addition to your staircase gives […]

September 2, 2018
Choosing A Staircase That Maximises Space.

If you are limited on the space in your home, chances are you’ve been searching for ways to maximise your home’s space. From clearing out junk to rearranging furniture, there’s only so much we can do to create more space. What you might not have considered is renovating your existing staircase. If you look at […]

September 1, 2018
Choosing the Right Posts for Your Project.

From a traditional staircase design to an updated, ultra-modern staircase, there’s a lot that goes into the final touches of any staircase upgrade. Whether it’s for your home or for your business, paying attention to even the smallest details will make all the difference in your project. Staircase posts are often overlooked when thinking about […]

April 23, 2018
Howitt, by McKimm.

Caulfield is one of the richest suburbs in Australia, in terms of its architectural heritage, because it is adorned with homes by many of the country’s most famous Mid-Century Modernist architects. The work of the period was characterised predominantly by post-war migrants who settled in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, bringing a whole new […]

May 2, 2017
The Boat Builder.

Chasing Perfection: Pedrazzini Wooden Boats It was more than 100 years ago when Swisse boat builder, Augusto Pedrazzini started crafting boats by hand on the shores of Lake Zurich. Today, run by his great grandson, Augusto’s incredible search for perfection continues – the boat company started in his name, and still make every boat by […]

January 31, 2017
Climbs of Imagination #2

Every week we look through magazines and architecture websites to inspire our own design. This week, we found these…

January 23, 2017
Featherstone House.

After the second World War ended, something remarkable happened in Australia. As migrants from Europe flooded into Melbourne and Sydney, we were introduced to European tradesmen with craft and skill that had never been seen before on our shores. The result was Australian Mid-Century Modernism, a unique style of architecture that had a more profound […]

December 2, 2016
Wabi Sabi.

You’re not perfect. There are blemishes on your skin, scars and marks and bruises. The natural world certainly isn’t perfect. Every tree bares the marks of the seasons and the elements – curved and best and scarred in ways that make it unique. But these imperfections are the good stuff. The character, the detail, the […]

November 28, 2016
Climbs of Imagination #1

We don’t just craft and design stairs. We scour architecture books and magazines for the most considered designs in the world. Every month we put them together and make a mood board of our most highly regarded Climbs of Imagination. This month we dedicated our first Climbs of Imagination post to the curvaceous, deliberate detail […]

November 23, 2016

Brutalism is, perhaps, the most maligned school of architecture in the world. It rose to prominence throughout Europe, America, and even Australia in the post war period between 1950 and 1970, as a response to the decorative periods of architecture at the beginning of the century, like Art Deco in the 1930’s, where architects were […]

October 3, 2016

Every day is different in the S&A factories around the country. During any given week, we build stairs for houses that range in size and scale, from high end stairs that belong in some of Australia’s most renowned homes, to quaint pieces in home renovations. In our Melbourne factory, there’s a constant flow through the […]

September 15, 2016
The Oldest Living Trees.

A short history of Australia’s most remarkable timber, Huon Pine. If you head west from Hobart in Tasmania in the car, you can be in some of the oldest forests on earth in just over 90 minutes. The Huon Pine Forests in the state’s southwest are blanketed by narrow trees that shoot up from the […]

August 10, 2016
Architect in Focus: Graeme Gunn.

It was the middle of the 1960’s and the world was expanding at a rapid rate. You’ve heard of all the stories of the post-war boom in Europe and America, a rise in world housing, culture, and media that had never been seen before. Modern cities were expanding, bursting out from their centers and into […]

December 10, 2015
A New Look: Slattery & Acquroff Stairs.

Today, Slattery & Acquroff stairs unveils a new brand mark and domain, with a new website to come this December. Our new look reflects much of what we have come to stand for over the last 95 years. We strive to be progressive and memorable, and to make the stair building process as simple as […]

December 1, 2015
Introducing sastairs.com.au.

It is with great excitement that we launch our brand new website as S&A Stairs.

May 7, 2013
A 120 Year Old Building that Exemplifies Contemporary Design.

Nestled in Melbourne’s inner suburbs the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership bridges the gap between the old and the new. Originally built as a school in 1882 by Henry Robert Bastow, it is the ideal setting for a forward thinking educational facility. Boasting an array of design features it was awarded the best facade of 2012 […]

May 3, 2013
Innovative Thinking – Abstract Designs that Appeal to the Senses.

Every so often there is an architectural design that embraces the beautifully abstract while maintaining an inviting and livable space. The Fawkner Way project, recently critiqued in the archdaily.com is one of those designs. With an incredible steel facade that lingers through the interior in the form of its staircase, the Fawkner Way project is […]

March 6, 2013
Bridge Hotel, Melbourne.

Characterised as one of the most unique buildings in Melbourne; The Bridge Hotel in Richmond also houses one of our most unique stairs…and people are talking about it! Type “The Bridge Hotel” into a google search and you’ll get review after review raving about their new design. Notably the good people at The Age have […]

March 6, 2013
An Eclectic Stair in a Building Full of History.

We provided this stair recently for Paul Smith’s Melbourne store, in the historic 120 Queen Street building. As with every Paul Smith store his “British eccentricity” shines through in all aspects of the interior. This stair is no different. It has that great mix of eclectic and traditional styles, with its mismatched balustrades and it’s sweeping […]