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3 Reasons Homeowners Love Spiral Staircases
When it comes to staircase solutions, home owners have quite a few options.  You can choose to invest in straight staircases, straight stairs with a central stringer, L shaped staircases, L shape winder staircases, curved staircases, spiral staircases and library ladders.  There are also quite a few types of different star designs, options, and materials to consider for each of these major staircase categories.   Planning your home’s staircase design is without a doubt an exciting journey.  But with this many choices and so many different designs to choose from it can be hard to make up your mind about the best possible staircase type and design for your home.  

Out of all the different staircase types, the spiral staircase is probably the most exciting, elegant and beautiful.  Ever since the completion of Trajan‘s column in Rome in 113AD, people have been falling in love with this staircase type.  Spiral staircases have since then been considered as the ultimate form of luxury, style and efficiency.  Even casual homeowners have fallen in love with this popular staircase type for the following three reasons;

Spiral staircases save space

One of the most common reasons for homeowners to absolutely adore spiral staircases is because they take up less space than any other staircase type.  Modern homes and apartments are getting smaller and smaller and architects are constantly coming up with new ideas to make smaller homes much more efficient and comfortable.  The spiral staircase with its more compact design fits right up to the alley of smaller home trends.  Traditional staircases would take up a lot of square feet out of an apartment but these staircases require only a small area inside the home.  Spiral staircases are easily fitted into the corner of a home or living area and leave you all the rest of the space to do all the things you love to do.

Spiral staircases are economic

These staircases are the more economical staircase type in every way.  They are a lot more affordable to install when compared to traditional staircases.  The installation process is also a lot quicker than traditional staircases.  Professional install teams can get a spiral staircase up and installed in as little time as 6 hours.  The materials used for spiral staircases are usually incredibly durable and have low maintenance requirements.  These staircases are also a more economical choice because they instantly boost the overall appearance of your home or apartment and can even boost property value.

Spiral staircases are versatile

This type of staircase design is anything but limited.  The design is suitable for both interior and exterior use depending on the construction materials.   Spiral staircases can also be included just about anywhere in the home which makes it much more convenient for homeowners that want to change floor layout of their homes.   Spiral staircases can also be constructed of a great variety of materials such as timber, steel, wrought iron, stainless steel and more.  The railings and steps can also be customised to suit a customer’s exact instruction and the design of the staircase can be done according to a specific home trend or design trend.  

With these amazing benefits of owning a spiral staircase, it is a wonder that straight and L shaped staircases are still in use at all.  If you have always fancied a spiral staircase then you can definitely invest in this staircase type right now.  You will definitely reap the benefits of affordability, efficiency, versatility and especially saved space inside the home.  If you think that a spiral staircase is a right choice for your home then you can definitely call SA stairs right now and get your old and bulky staircase replaced with something a better and more appealing spiral staircase.   

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