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3 Things To Look Out For When It Comes To Metal Stairs

Metal stairs are becoming very common nowadays due to the ease of maintenance, availability of many styles, and because they are good-looking. However, you have to be sure that you are getting the right kind metal stairs for your home. Here are three most important things to check when it comes to metal stairs.

The Type Of Metal Used

The most common materials used for metal stairs include brass, copper, wrought iron and stainless steel among others. Wrought iron is more common in railings as it is easier to bend into different designs. However, wrought iron should be painted as it is susceptible to rust. You can also give wrought iron some decorative finish that gives them a golden or shimmery silver hue.

The stainless steel metal has a very polished look and very smooth. It is especially used on the handrails. Stainless steel is a blend of chromium and steel. Chromium is resistant to oxidation. This makes stainless steel appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors.

Aluminium is light in weight, affordable and does not corrode. Aluminium can be finished in different ways to give satin, coloured or a more polished look.

Brass is elegant and classic in its look. It is red to brown or yellow to gold in colour. It tarnishes a little bit when outside. Copper, on the other hand, has reddish to gold colour and turns greenish over time. It is the most expensive of all the above.

The Section Where The Stairs Are Installed

If you would like to have the stairs outside, you may consider painting, galvanising or powdering and other maintenance to keep the metal from being damaged by the effects of weather. High traffic areas require stairs that hide smudges and dirt so that one would not have to clean it every other time. The space available also influences the choice of the stairs.

Your Preferred Final Design

Metal stairs come in different designs. The most common are spiral, minimal designs, straight, and half turn stairs. The choice of design influences the type of metal to use and what accessories are added to your staircase. The design will also be limited to the available space and other aesthetical costs. Metal stairs can also be embellished with wood to make it look trendy. You may also use more than one metal to create a single staircase. If the above considerations are well covered, you will have a functional, easy to maintain and stylish staircase.