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4 Reasons To Get Custom Made Timber Stairs For Your Home

When it comes to installing a custom-made staircase for your home, you should always lean towards timber staircases. This simplified and traditional material has long been a favourite of many Melbourne homeowners, investors, and real estate agents. You might be wondering why that might be, keep reading.

  1. They Add an Additional Layer of Class
    There is no doubting that timber has always been the preferred material used to create residential staircases. The level of class that you can bring to your home with a custom-made timber staircase is unparalleled. With its natural appeal and traditional notion, you will give your property that added “wow” factor.

  2. Easy To Create What You Want 
    With timber, you can create any style, model or design you want. With an array of different woods, grains, and colours, you can get a staircase created that accurately reflects your personal decor. Timber can be bent, moulded and manufactured in any way you see fit, so it works perfectly within your home. This is why most homeowners prefer custom timber stairs, as it is easy to incorporate it within the home’s existing decor and atmosphere.

  3. Durable And Long-Lasting
    Investing in a timber staircase ensures you are getting a product that is durable, reliable and will last for many years. There’s no wasting money on custom made timber stairs, so when you’re doing your budget, factor in that whilst the initial outlay may be a little more than other materials, you can be assured you are building with quality.

  4. Low -Cost Maintenance 
    By investing and installing a timber staircase in your home, there is little to no cost associated with maintenance. Compared to other materials available for building a custom staircase, timber staircases don’t have an expensive follow-up cost. And we cannot ignore the added bonus of adding a luxurious feel to your property and the incentive of adding additional value to your home if you ever place it on the market.

We hope that these tips have helped sway your decision to getting custom timber stairs for your home. If you are looking to get timber stairs in your home, then feel free to contact the experts here at S&A Stairs.