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5 Decisions You Should Make When It Comes To Timber Stairs

Timber is one of the most common used in the construction of the staircase. Wood can be used outdoors or indoors. However, there are a number of considerations that come into play when you settle on the timber stairs. Here are five of them:

The Safety

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to installing stairs. It is important to be sure that the wooden stairs that you plan to use are safe to use. Some wooden stair design may not be safe for the young children and the old. Most wooden stairs have to be propped by a base material so that they are stable enough especially in high traffic areas. Safety also comes to play when it comes to joining the wood with the base material and the rails.

(If Outside) Dealing With The Weather

If you plan to use timber stairs outside, consider the effect of weather on the wood and possible ways to prevent the problem. If you live near the coastline, be ready to deal with high humidity and salt that speeds up the rotting of wood. Indoor humidity also affects the quality and longevity of the timber used for interior stairs.

The Design

Timber can be used to make several designs for your indoor and outdoor staircases. You decide on the kind of design you like as per the available space, the overall style of your home and your personal preference. There are over ten possible staircase designs from which you can choose one. You may decide to use other non-wood materials on the rail as part of your design.

The Problem Of Staining

Staining is an important method of maintaining your timber stairs when still leaving the stairs looking good. There are several sealers in the market today that comes in a number of hues. Choosing the right stain for style and longevity of your staircase is an important decision to make as regards the timber staircase.

Use Of The Unoccupied Space

Underneath the staircase and between the landings, there is always some space that is left. You have to decide what to do with space. You can create a library, a storage cabinet or put a potted flower. You can also use the bases as extra storage space if you are low on the storage space.