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5 Easy, DIY Staircase Fixes

A staircase is often seen as the main centerpiece of a home or building.  The staircase is the doorway to the rooms in the upper part of the building and those on the bottom.  This access zone often endures a lot of traffic on a daily basis, even in homes of small families.  It can be tough to keep your staircase beautiful when a lot of people are frequently hustling up and down during busy days.  Staircases need a lot more than a regular dust and vacuum in order to stay in mint condition.  

Here are a few easy DIY staircase fixes that will help you keep that luxury staircase in a good condition without costing you much at all.

Quiet squeaks in closed staircases

Squeaks in the staircase can be handy when you want to detect teenagers that sneak out of the house at night but other than that, they can be very annoying.  Those squeaks usually have a habit of happening just as you or small children fall asleep and can result in a lot of disruptive nap times.  An easy way to get rid of squeaks in closed staircases is by applying a thin layer of sealant in the joints of the noisy steps.  While the sealant is still wet you can run a plastic spoon along the sealant to remove the excess and to push the sealant nice and firmly into the joint.  Clean off excess materials so you won’t affect the overall appeal of the stairs. If you can reach underneath the staircase then it might be good to seal from underneath as well.  

Refresh wood steps

Wood is absolutely beautiful and greatly contributes to a sense of luxury and charm.  But wooden steps can fade in colour if exposed to direct sunlight or if a staircase constantly endures heavy traffic.  You can revive these steps a bit by sanding them with a rough sanding paper followed by a smoother sanding paper.  Sanding will remove markings on the wood.  Once you are done smoothing the wood out you can refresh the colour with a similar wood stain.  

Recoat with anti-slip additive

It is important to add anti-slip additives on all steps and to recoat your steps every now and then.  This additive contains a mixture of floor coat and tumbled glass shreds.  If your steps are becoming slippery then it might be time for a fresh coat.  Wash the stairs properly and use sanding paper to remove the old coat of additive, especially if stained.  Mix a fresh batch according to the package instructions and give your staircase a fresh coat.  Allow for proper drying before using the stairs again.

Reinforce closed stairs

Cheap staircase installations can quickly wear down, become noisy and flimsy.  To reinforce closed stairs you can get underneath the stairs and screw wooden blocks into all of the joints.  The new blocks will lend support to the steps, prevent squeaking and can help your stairs last just a little bit longer.

Fix minor scratches

Tiny scratches and scrapes on the elegant wood staircase can make your staircase seem untoned and worn down. There is a simple way to restore these tiny scratches and marks so your staircase can once again shine as if new.  Mix together ½ cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of olive oil and rub the mixture on the patches that are scarred and damaged.  The mixture will restore minor or light scratches and spots and you will have a beautiful staircase in no time.

With these DIY staircase fixes you can extend your staircase repair job just a little bit or maintain your beautiful staircase so this area of your home will remain in great condition for many years to come.  

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