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Best Colours For Contemporary Stairs

The time has come when you want to give your contemporary stairs a new look but the question is what can you do, what should you do and what colours should you use? Luckily we are here to help, with some suggestions as far as colours go. Join us as we take a look at the best colours to use for your contemporary stairs, colours that will accent the stairs and give them a facelift so to speak.

Now, we know that when you are looking at colours you will want to take into account the colour palate of your home in general. You wouldn’t want to paint your contemporary stairs a bright green if your home here in Melbourne is a neutral brown colour palate. So, please take these suggestions and form them to fit your personal style and home.

Colours can be associated with different moods and feelings so when you are trying to decide on a colour palate for your stairs be sure to take into account the mood or feeling you want to bring about with your choices. There are three main categories that we will look at today neutral, soft, and bright. Remember each of these categories will have their own set of colour hues and they will vary greatly.

Neutral colours – Colours such as beige, white, brown, and tan are all popular colours that are pretty neutral and won’t bring too much attention or feeling. In fact, if you choose one of these colours for your stairs your guests probably won’t even think twice or take a second glance for that matter.

Soft Colours – Colours like blue, pink, yellow, purple, and green when presented in a soft manner can be quite soothing and bring a happy feeling to those who view them. Soft doesn’t necessarily mean pastel but more so colours that do not “pop” off the wall would be classified as soft colours.

Bright Colours – Colours that will pop off your wall and yell for attention are the colours we classify as bold…bright…vivid colours. This colour palate will bring intrigue and will certainly catch eyes. The problem is these bright colours may be pretty and bright but they may not go with other styles and colours you have in your home already.

The best way to choose your colours for your contemporary stairs is to take a few sample swatches home and hold up to the area, see which will compliment your stairs and the other items in your home.