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Best Treads For Outdoor Staircases

With winter on its way, it’s time to start thinking about making your home or business exterior safe for everyone – a major part of that process is updating your treads for your outdoor staircase.  The winter months typically have more rainfall, and with the colder weather, updating your treads is a great way to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are our favourite treads for your outdoor staircases.

SlipDoctors Tape

With so many temporary tread options out there for outdoor safety, it was hard to choose our top choice for outdoor treads.  However, we chose the SlipDoctors Tape because it is an effective adhesive tread that comes in three different sizes. Once you find the size you need, simply apply it just like tape directly on your tread for maximum protection.

This high-traction tape can be used indoors as well as outdoors and can stand up to the elements – the reinforced surface repels water and helps shoes really grip the surface.  When you want to change it out or remove it, the adhesive won’t damage your outdoor stairs.


If you need a tread that’s a little thicker than the SlipDoctors Tape, the Handi-Tread is the next suggestion on our list.  This tread is wide enough to fit any staircase and is extremely durable. It comes with a set of screws that you can use to directly secure the tread to your staircase.  When it comes time to remove the tread from your staircase, you’ll have to fill in the holes left behind from the screws, which is something to consider.

We like this tread because it’s made from ultra-durable rubber.  There are pre-drilled holes throughout the tread to allow the water and debris to wash through, which deters pooling.  You’ll definitely notice a difference in our outdoor staircase when you install these treads.

Puchan LM Rubbers

For treads that provide functionality as well as a bit of style, check out the Puchan LM Rubbers.  These durable rubber treads are thin treads that are effective at keeping your staircase free of water.  With an elegant ornate pattern cut out of the tread, you’re combining style and function. Rather than simple holes throughout the tread, these treads have a unique design that allows for water to easily pass through the tread and away from the stairs.

Safety Features and Considerations

When you have a staircase that is outside of your home or business, it’s important to construct the staircase with safety in mind.  That means providing sturdy handrails and balustrades along the entire staircase so people can support themselves as needed. Rainy days can mean slippery staircases, which can be dangerous for everyone.

Building an external staircase is a lot different than building an internal one, and there are different things to consider.  While you may be solely focused on style when building your interior staircase, safety and functionality may be more important to consider when you’re building an outdoor staircase.

Treads are an important part of any staircase, indoors or out.  Whether it’s the permanent build material or a temporary tread for the winter season, you should do everything you can to make your staircase as safe as possible.  Winter can create slippery conditions on outdoor staircases, so we suggest trying one of these treads to improve safety.

S&A Stairs

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing outdoor staircase and need some advice on where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been providing high-quality staircase designs for years and we would love to help you with your next project. Stay safe this winter with upgraded treads or a completely new staircase from S&A Stairs.