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Cable Railing Systems – Why They Are A Versatile Design Choice

For those of you looking for a versatile, unique railing system, whether you’re a builder, designer, or homeowner, you may want into a cable railing system.  With many style and material options to choose from, a cable railing system truly can go with any space. They’re also extremely durable and safe, meaning it’s a win for the style of your home or business and it’s a win for the safety of everyone in that space.

Here’s why we love cable railing systems and why they’re a truly versatile design choice.

Make them Rustic

When you think of a cable railing system, chances are you’re thinking of a very sleek, modern application.  You may even think they’re only used in industrial settings. We’re here to tell you that cable railing systems can be used in any space, even in a rustic-inspired home.  You can easily turn a cable railing system from ultra-modern to contemporary rustic by utilising one material with the railing system – wood.

By pairing the cables with a rich wood handrail, you’re blending a classic look of a wooden handrail with a modern, updated feel of cable railing.  The cable railing provides clean, modern lines while the wood gives the staircase a warm, rustic feel that everyone is going to love.

Make them Modern

As you well know, cable railing systems are already very modern by nature.  Rather than using vertical balusters, cable (often stainless-steel cable) is run horizontally at an angle down the staircase.  Choosing materials to match your modern setting is important for the overall appeal of the cable railing system.

A quick way to make your cable railing system modern is to use metal throughout the railing system.  All-metal gives the system a clean, updated look that goes well against a contrasting hardwood floor.  Whether it’s in a home or in a business, an all-metal cable railing system gives your space the modern touch it needs.

Exterior Use

Cable railing systems are so versatile that they can also be used outside – the same cable railing system you use in your home for your stairs can be taken outside and used in an exterior application.  That’s a sign of a truly versatile railing system.

Our cable railing systems are designed with strength and durability in mind, meaning they’re constructed to withstand the elements.  A cable railing system for your exterior is a great way to add a striking, minimalist accent to your home or business.

Safety First

If you’ve never seen or experienced a cable railing system before, you may be thinking that they’re not as safe as a traditional staircase.  Rest assured that cable railing systems are just as safe as any traditional staircase – at S&A Stairs, we pride ourselves in constructing not only the most beautiful modern staircases in the area, but staircases that are going to keep you and your family safe.

Help With Your Project

With so many beautiful staircase and railing options out there, we know that deciding the best solution for your space can become overwhelming.  The experts at S&A Stairs are here to help with your next project, no matter what you need. With decades of experience, we can help design and install the perfect railing system for your home or business.

We love cable railing systems because they’re versatile, stylish, and safe.  No matter what kind of space you have, there’s a cable railing system that’s going to match.  Check out some of our cable railing systems today to give your space the modern update it deserves.