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Whether you have a traditional or modern staircase, a wooden staircase is often a striking centrepiece of your home. The more people that use the staircase, the higher chance that your staircase is going to become dirty, or even damaged. Without proper upkeep and maintenance, your staircase can become permanently damaged.

At S&A Stairs, we not only provide high-quality, custom staircases, but we also provide practical tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining your staircase for years to come. Because wood can be a sensitive material, here are the top maintenance and upkeep tips that you should use to make your staircase look like new.

Clean Regularly

One of the most important ways to maintain your wooden staircase is to simply clean your staircase regularly. Making your staircase a part of your regular cleaning routine is a simple and effective way to make your staircase last longer.

Be sure to dust in all the nooks and crannies of your staircase to protect the wood finish, remove any debris from your stairs that may have been tracked indoors, and tidy up any landing spaces at the top and bottom of your staircase to prevent any injuries.

Clean Immediately

If something is spilled on your wooden staircase, clean it up immediately to prevent permanent damage. Liquids that aren’t immediately cleaned up can soak into the wood, which ruins the finish and often warps the wood itself.

The finish is part of the protective coating that keeps the stairs damage-free, and if the finish is destroyed, it means there’s a much higher chance for additional damage. It takes just a few moments to clean up liquid that has spilled or been tracked in from the outdoors, but those few moments can make all the difference in the lifespan of your staircase.

Gentle Cleaning Materials Only

One of the biggest mistakes that many homeowners make when they clean is using harsh chemicals throughout the house. Many store-bought cleaning solutions are extremely harsh and can actually damage many surfaces if you’re not careful. If you use the wrong cleaning solution on your wooden stairs, the wax and finish can be completely stripped off.

Simple soap and water can do the trick if used in small amounts and dried up with a cloth afterwards. If you insist on using a store-bought cleaning solution, test the solution in an inconspicuous area of your staircase to test how it impacts your wood. That way, if it does damage the wood, it’s in a place where nobody will notice.

Repair Surface Imperfections

Regardless of how well you maintain your staircase, there are eventually going to be dents, dings, and scratches on the surface of the wood. Fortunately, these issues are often easy to repair if detected early. Simply apply wax or finish to the area to cover up any dents or scratches. It’s important to repair any imperfections as early as possible to avoid further permanent damage.

Apply Protection

A simple staircase runner can be extremely effective at protecting your staircase from the wear and tear of daily use. Rugs at the top and bottom of your staircase, as well as any landings, also help prevent damage to the wood. Paired with regular cleaning, these types of protection keep your wooden staircase looking new and beautiful for years.

S&A Stairs

We know how important it is to keep your home looking brand new. Whether you have a custom-built staircase or simply want to make your home look great, these tips are easy, effective ways to properly maintain your wooden staircase.