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From a traditional staircase design to an updated, ultra-modern staircase, there’s a lot that goes into the final touches of any staircase upgrade. Whether it’s for your home or for your business, paying attention to even the smallest details will make all the difference in your project. Staircase posts are often overlooked when thinking about the overall staircase design. They’re not only an important design element for your staircase, they can also be used for structural support. Here’s why choosing the right posts for your project is so important.

Newel Posts.

A newel post is a broad term for posts that are more traditional in style - they’re often built with timber over other building materials. These posts are what you might see on a classic staircase style and come in a wide range of simple to intricate designs. The most common newel posts is a simple rectangle post with a rounded top that can be easily held on to.

While that may sound simple and boring, newel posts highlight the timeless elegance of traditional staircase architecture. If you want something a little less traditional, there are plenty of modern newel posts that feature unique designs and bevels throughout the post. Our high-end timber can be finished to create a modern look that goes well with any style of home.

Newel Tops.

When you choose a newel post, you’re not just limited to the choice of post - there are quite a few post tops that you can choose from to design the perfect post for your new custom staircase. While a common newel post top is a traditional round top, there are other, more modern designs that you can choose. Check out our products page to see our selection of beautiful newel tops.

Stanchion Posts.

Stanchion posts are much more modern posts and are often made of our high-quality stainless-steel. Their design is meant for the post to be secured at both the top and the bottom of the post, whereas a newel post is secured only at its base. With stanchion posts being secured at both ends, it adds greater structural support for your handrail and balustrades.

You can choose either a squared-off post or a smooth, rounded post for your custom staircase project. Our stanchion posts come in various thicknesses to match your exact style of staircase.


As we mentioned, there are a few different staircase materials to choose from, but don’t feel like you can only use timber for a newel post or that you can only use metal for a stanchion post. Both metal and wood can be finished to create either traditional or modern looks, so choose what you’re happiest with when it comes to your staircase. A wood stanchion post is a striking staircase accent, and a metal newel post can blend both traditional and modern designs.

Complementing Your Staircase Design.

Think about your staircase design when you’re choosing your posts. If you have a glass balustrade, for example, a thick stanchion post is an excellent way to frame off your staircase. Consider a thin timber post if you’re looking for an elegant, traditional style. What matters most is that you’re happy with your staircase design.

S&A Stairs.

Posts are an important design choice for creating a complete look for your new staircase. The expert design team at S&A Stairs can help you decide the perfect post for your next staircase project. Check out some of our stunning post options online or give us a call today for assistance picking the right post for your custom staircase.