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Commercial Stairs

Some of Australia’s most celebrated stairs live in commercial spaces. Projects that inspire the imagination and enliven public spaces like fixed sculptural artworks. Today in Australia, commercial stairs require a whole range of key design considerations. Firstly, because they’re in public space, commercial stairs undergo wear and tear that domestic stairs don’t. Secondly, commercial stairs must follow a range of regulations in order to comply with the Australian Building Code.


At S&A, we manage a huge range of commercial projects. We combine our expert knowledge of timber stair making with the skills of trusted partners and trades, which means we can design, build, and install stairs that use timber, glass, steel or stainless steel. Over a long period of time, we’ve been building commercial stairs that are intimately balanced with their surroundings, whether they’re in modern buildings or traditional spaces.


We have built some of the country’s most remarkable stairs in buildings like Melbourne Airport and Parliament House in Canberra.