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Contemporary Stairs

A fluid and transient term, contemporary stair design is built to reflect the status quo and embody the design of the times. Today, contemporary stairs are made with a combination of styles and materials to suit homeowners throughout Australia.


In Melbourne, popular styles take inspiration from a range of different eras in architecture, including Art Deco, Modernism and Californian. Today, modern stairs take on many forms; straight cantilevered timber stairs, steel centre carriage stairs, or straight stairs with hardwood stringers. Similarly, modern finishes give home owners a range of options, including glass and wire balustrade, timber handrails, and features posts and landings.


Throughout the generations, we have always shifted and changed our design philosophy from project to project, in order to best reflect current trends in the market. At the same time, it’s the things that don’t change – the considered nature of the process, the choice of materials, and the application of craft – which punctuate S&A designs.