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Creative Staircase Designs For Modern Spaces

Modern architecture is pushing the boundaries of style and functionality, and the same can be said with staircases in a modern home.  If you’re looking to upgrade your staircase or are working on an entirely new build, there’s never been a better time to think about switching your staircase to a modern, updated look.  Here are the top creative staircase designs for modern spaces.


Floating Staircases

Floating staircases are one of our favourite design choices because they’re the ultimate in modern staircase appeal and versatile enough to match any space.  A floating staircase gives the illusion that the staircase is suspended in air – the sophisticated architecture ensures that the staircase isn’t going anywhere.  

If you’re looking for something new and modern to update your home or business, a floating staircase is an excellent choice.  From traditional wood to polished metal, you can choose a wide range of high-quality materials to construct your floating staircase.  Without the restriction of needing a wall or foundation to build the staircase on, a floating staircase can be installed virtually anywhere you need one.

Some of the styles that are more popular with a floating staircase are spiral staircases, vertical staircases (ones with a more drastic angle than a traditional staircase), and staircases with landings.  These stunning and unique staircases have a minimalist, modern appeal that will truly transform any space.

Open Staircases

Open staircases are one of the most versatile staircase designs available today – they go well in a traditional space and they can also be implemented in a modern, contemporary space.  No matter what the style, there’s an open staircase to match. Similar to a floating staircase, an open staircase has more traditional features that one might find in classic architecture.

Open staircase designs perfectly blend what we know and love about a traditional staircase with a more modern appeal.  Open staircases typically don’t have risers and take up minimal space, but they also have more traditional railing and balustrade systems.  The open staircase design provides more liveable space that you can use under the stairs, much like a floating staircase.

If you’re looking for a staircase design that’s elegant and modern with a touch of classic architecture, we highly recommend an open staircase design.  Our high-quality wood and metal pairings allow these stairs to go in any home or building.

Cantilever Stairs

Our final modern staircase recommendation is a cantilever or semi-cantilever staircase.  This unique staircase style has a wider stringer that is off-centre, usually against a wall for support.  The other half of the tread is suspended with maximum support and no riser to give it a modern and open feel.

This is a unique staircase that you don’t see often in homes, making it a great choice for something striking and unique.  We love our semi-cantilever stairs with a timber stringer. The minimalist approach makes it great for a modern home, while the stunning timber allows it to go with a traditional style, making it a very versatile staircase design.  

These are our favourite modern staircase designs because they bring something fresh and unique to each and every space.  You’ll notice improved light flow throughout the space as well as more liveable space underneath your new staircase. These striking staircases will become the centrepiece of your home.  Long gone are the days where a staircase is boring and solely functional – now it’s possible to have a functional staircase that also makes a lasting impression on all of your friends and family.  Check out some of our projects to see why an S&A Stairs staircase is the right choice.