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Curved Stairs

Perhaps the most intricate and detailed of all our stair designs, S&A have been crafting curved staircases and geometric staircases for almost 100 years. A process that is defined by its careful application of craft, patience and ingenuity, curved staircases go through a rigorous process from design through to completion.


Once inside the home, curved or geometric stairs make powerful feature pieces in the home, with exceptionally difficult elements like continuous handrail and laminated timber. At S&A, we go through a careful process with all of our curved stairs. To start with, modern technology has helped us to carefully measure, plan and design curved staircases to the right dimensions.


Traditionally, stairs are measured on site to fit the stairwell. Once the measurements are completed, we do the engineering to determine the precise measurements of the inside and outside radius. Timber is laminated and then curved by hand or by machine in our factory.