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Feature Stairs

A feature stair transient and movable term. It relies more on our ability to create an impact or impression than a specific set of design principles or considerations. There is no combination of elements or processes that combine to make a feature stair. It is about a set of intangibles; the choices you make through the process that turn a normal design into something altogether more remarkable.


At S&A, we have a long history of making the right choices from the beginning to the end of every project. In design, we don’t create projects that blend too many different ideas or elements, or fight for space in the spotlight, or lose balance. Across design schools that span the last two centuries, we create feature stairs that make an impact on the home and leave a mark on the imagination.


Today, feature stairs typically reside at the entrance of the home. They bring together elements of hardwood timber, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, glass balustrade, large landings and decorative balustrades and handrails. The elements don’t define the project, it’s the way they exist together. At S&A Stairs, we’ve been creating features stairs for generations.