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Five Reasons On Why You Should Choose A Timber Over Steel Spiral Staircase

If you are looking at options for staircases, hands down, spiral staircases are one of the most iconic, beautiful, and economical choices out there. Spiral staircases benefit in smaller spaces, have more stylish options and provide a classic look.

Once you have chosen the spiral staircase, there are two main options to choose from: a timber or a steel staircase. While both add two different visual elements, it is important to choose one that best fits either your home or a business setting.

But which one is best for you? For this particular blog, we will be focusing on timber spiral staircases and why they are the option for you.

Timber Staircases – Why They Are The Better Option

They Provide A “Homely” Look
A timber staircase offers a more homely feel because it has a natural, comfortable and inviting presence. Homes with timber staircases are considered a “classic” due to the aesthetic appeal of the material. 

Strong Selection Of Materials
You can select from a wide range including, poplar, beech, oak, birch, mahogany and much more. Each has its pros and cons, but all are considered strong and durable options. It is important to choose the right one that suits your budget and environment.

Range of Colours That Match Your Environment
There is also the added benefit of getting to choose the colour of the timber – one that matches the design and atmosphere of your home. You can choose from a range of brown to beige, to almost a reddish tint. You can pair it with furniture and accessories surround it, or go with a completely different colour to contrast and bring attention to the staircase.

Able To Match It With Your Balustrades & Handrails 
With timber staircases, you will be able to match it with any balustrade style and design that you want. Timber is a flexible and adaptive material that will work with a range of balustrades and handrails.

You Will See An Increase In Your Property’s Value
Timber has always been considered a “classic” material, so you can expect homebuyers, investors, and real estate agents to look at with glee. Installing timber staircases will increase the value of your property.

These are the reasons on why timber is better than a steel staircase. But we aren’t going to ruin steel stairs completely. If you are wondering about steel spiral staircases, then click on this link here and read why these staircases are better for you. If you are looking to speak to a professional about your timber spiral staircases, then contact the team at S&A Stairs today.