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Five Reasons Why Outdoor Spiral Staircases Are So Popular

Over the last few years, spiral staircases are fast becoming a choice for homeowners. More significantly, many homeowners are looking to have spiral staircases installed for their outdoor area or patio. Which raises the question, why has there been a sudden jump in interest in outdoor spiral staircases? What makes outdoor spiral staircases so popular?

As experts in creating and manufacturing stairs for almost 100 years, we break down the five key reasons on why spiral staircases are attractive for the outdoors.

1. It Is A Space Saving Option

Due to the wrap-around design spiral staircases, you will save plenty of space as opposed to regular straight down stairs. The smaller your backyard or patio area, the better it is to go with an outdoor spiral staircase.

2. Flexible Access Points

Spiral stairs give you flexibility when it comes to your access points. You will be able to control the entry and exit of your spiral staircase with ease, due to the custom rotation and the limited amount of space that it takes up. When it comes to the layout of your backyard design, spiral staircases go a long way to ensuring it matches perfectly with your home.

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3. A Wide Range Of Design Options

What makes spiral staircases so appealing to so many homeowners is the range of customisations available. You can mix the materials, like timber and steel, with your handrails, your balustrades, and your steps. The design possibilities for your outdoor spiral staircase are virtually endless when you speak to professionals. Together you can get an aesthetically appealing staircase that works for your outdoor area.

4. Outdoor Spiral Staircases Are Cost-Effective

Due to the way spiral staircases are designed, measured and manufactured, the installation cost for this particular model is cheaper than others. Factors like size and design will be taken into the equation, but overall the installation cost will save you plenty of money down the line period.

5. It Will Add Value to Your Home

As an increasingly popular stair trend, many investors, real estate agents and homebuyers look favourably to this new staircase model. The dramatic and customised nature of the stairs will make your backyard stand out more. Installing a spiral staircase into your backyard will see you get your investment back.

At S&A Stairs, we work with you to get exactly the kind of outdoor spiral staircase you are looking for your home or work environment. Contact us today with any questions you may have for your project.