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Four-Step Plan To Get The Perfect Staircase For Your Home Extension

Home extensions are part and parcel of many homeowners. They see the addition of another room or section to their property as a necessary inclusion – one that is aimed at increasing the value of their home and improving their lifestyles. One of the most common extensions to any house is adding another level, but you will be surprised that throughout any planning stage, they don’t think about stairs.

That is why we have come up with this important four-step plan in which you can easily install stairs in your new home extension.

Step 1: Remember To Include Stairs In Your Budget Planning

Don’t just plan the extra storey above; think about where you are going to install your stairs and to incorporate it in your budget. Too many people don’t reflect on the additional cost of stairs and instead, are left with little money to spend on high-quality stairs. Save a section of your budget on your stairs and plan the creation around it.

Step 2: Plan Out Where You Are Installing The Stairs

Where you install, your staircase goes a big way to deciding how your extension will work. So remember that when you are looking to your budget and your extension plans, take a hard look at where you plan to install your stairs.

Step 3: Decide On The Materials Of Your Stairs

Alongside figuring out where you are going to fit your stairs, the materials of your stairs follows a close second. Determining what type of material you want will go a long way to affecting your budget and impacting the overall feel of your home. The most popular options are metal, timber, and concrete. You will have to figure out what works best for you. On top of that, remember that you need handrails to walk up your stairs, as well as balustrades to add another layer of creativity and style. This is the most creative part of the four-step plan as you figure out what your staircase will look like.

Step 4: Matching Your Staircase With Your Home

There is nothing more wasteful than none spending your money your stairs that don’t fit into the decor of your home. You want a consistent flow throughout your home, and your staircase has to be part of it. Think about the texture, the design, and the layout so that your staircase fits into the overall decor of your home; providing you with the atmosphere that you want.

Once your plans are ready to be implemented, contact S&A Stairs. We have everything you need in a team – experience, passion, and dedication – to guarantee that your stairs come to life in the most vivid way possible. Speak to our experts today.