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Four Uses For The Space Under Your Stairs

The space found under the stairs can be highly useful if you utilise it correctly. Although some property owners don’t care this space much, if you use it with some creativity, you will be surprised to see how useful it is. To give you an idea of how great that space can be, let’s take a look at four creative and functional ways you can maximise the space under your stairs.

Use It To Store Your Bikes

If you are a cycling enthusiast or if your kids have bikes, you can consider storing them under the space of the stair cases. You can make necessary arrangements to have these bikes hung properly or probably place them on shelves depending on the available space and your interest. This is a process that doesn’t cost a lot of money or require extensive engineering; it is a straightforward process if you use the right kind of idea, tools, and material. If necessary, you can plan to have a door to keep the bikes unnoticed (which is optional though).

Space For Your Kids To Enjoy Themselves

Every child loves to spend some time in their world. Free space can be used to encourage them to study, play and engage in various other activities during their leisure time. You don’t need to think it will be expensive when creating a kid’s personal space under the stairs. All you need to have a comfortable mattress, some pillows, soft toys and light. You can decorate the walls with some wallpapers or paintings to make it more attractive. Provide some space for their toys and their items, as well as a secure door – that doesn’t lock! This way your kids can easily enter and exit the room without any problems.

Be Radical And Use this Space For a Koi Pond

Having an indoor Koi Pond is an incredible thing to consider by any house owner. A pond can be a great value addition to any property; it can add a great aesthetic value to your home. In addition to the beauty it delivers, such pond can help the residents to release their stress. Even the health experts suggest that it is good to spend some time looking at the fish as a stress relieving activity. However, some house owners cannot find enough space to build indoor Koi Ponds. This is when you can utilise the space under the stairs and build a beautiful indoor pond. If you get the correct assistance of a professional contractor, you can get plenty of options to consider. The result of such project will be a pleasant surprise for you and your family members (and visitors).

Use It As A Laundry

If the space under the stairs is relatively smaller, you can use it to keep your watching machine. Yes, this isn’t exactly the most flashy thing to use the space, but it is great if you don’t have the space for a laundry. You get to use it for yourself and not have to worry about using your laundry space for it. It will be safe and secure under the stairs, and you can use it practically. There is also the added benefit that the washing machine won’t be directly visible to the guests. In fact, the uses of the space under your stairs are countless. If you use your imagination and perform some research, you can find tons of concepts that can maximise the elegance of the house and utilise the precious space with better efficiency.