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There’s a lot more that goes into a staircase than you might realize. Aside from treads and risers, you need things like posts, balustrades, stringers, and one of the most important features, handrails. Handrails are what keep you and your family safe going up and down your stairs. This important addition to your staircase gives you something sturdy to hold onto, which can prevent injury if you lose your footing. Here are some things to consider when choosing your next staircase handrail.


There are quite a few handrail styles to choose from. One of the most popular handrail styles that may actually be the style you first think of has a curved surface that fits naturally in your hand when you hold on to it. The wide top that curves gently in for a thinner bottom is designed to mimic the contour of your hand, making it feel natural when you grab the rail.

Another popular style is a semi-oval with a flat bottom. This design is also meant to follow the natural curve of your hand, but provides a more modern look. If you’re wanting the same feel of a traditional handrail but with an updated style, this is a great option for you. We also have completely round handrails that are great for creating a clean line along your staircase. Without any additional curves or flat areas, it creates a very modern and minimalist handrail look.

Finally, we design completely square or rectangle handles for a truly modern and updated handrail style. While these do not follow the curve of your hand, they’re great for creating a design statement on your staircase.


Now that you know a few of the styles that you can choose from, you need to decide what material you want to use for your handrail. We carry both high-quality timber and stainless-steel, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. The great news is that both timber and stainless-steel can be designed and manufactured to look either traditional or modern, so you’re really not limited in your choices.

While timber may be associated with a more traditional handrail design, there are plenty of ways to use timber to actually make your staircase and your space look modern. Using high-end timber in a floating staircase design can completely transform your space from boring to unique. You don’t always have to use metal and glass to get the modern edge you’re looking for.

On that same note, stainless-steel doesn’t always mean a modern staircase design. We can use stainless-steel to accent a more traditional looking staircase or we can use wrought-iron for a timeless, elegant look. Metal is an excellent accent for a wide range of staircase designs, so don’t be afraid to implement metal into your staircase upgrade.


There’s more to a handrail than just the part that you hold on to. We have an excellent selection of handrail finishes to choose from - add an elegant design to start your handrail at the base of your staircase for added style and luxury. While they’re not needed for any functional purpose, they do add elegance to your handrail. Check out our products page to find our unique handrail features that you can easily add to your custom staircase design.

S&A Stairs.

At S&A Stairs, we focus on the fine details of every staircase we design and build. From the structural support to the last finishing touches, we are focused on high-quality design and style. Your handrail is an important part of that finished design and our team can help you decide what’s right for your new staircase. Contact our team today to get started on a design consultation.