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How To Maintain The Quality Of Your Metal Stairs

Metal stairs are some of the most functional stairs that you can install in your house. They are generally not very expensive and are easier to maintain than most of the other options in the market. However, if you do not maintain them as they should, they can get corroded (some types of iron-based materials) stained and smudged with dirt.

Below is a guideline to help maintain your metal stairs looking as good as new

Metal staircases that are made of iron and its alloys that can corrode come with a powder coating, or metal varnish to prevent corrosion. The other common type is stainless steel, which does not corrode.


The smooth metal surface gets smudged with dirt and oils from people’s hands. The hot, humid weather in Australia also accelerates corrosion due to the high amounts of salt in the atmosphere. It is important to you wipe the surface regularly with mild detergent and water. Clean the railings and balusters several times a week to keep them looking clean. The industrial style railings can be cleaned with a power jet if they lead to such areas as the garage and the floors are not carpeted.

Avoid having any water that sits on the staircase. Ensure that it is dried out as soon as you do your cleaning water degrades metal in that it can cause chipping, discoloration, and corrosion. Moreover, ensure that you do not stretch the surface of the metal in any way, as this would lead to chipping of the metal coating.


After using the metal stairs in your Melbourne home for some time, you will notice that coating starts to come off. This causes the railings to be rough. There is also corrosion, and the stairs look old. You can have a coat of varnish on these areas such as the railings to restore their quality and the looks.

If you find areas that have corroded, it is recommended that you first sand away the rust, wipe off the grit, and then apply a primer. Once the primer has dried, you can then use the metal vanish to restore the patch. Sometimes you will find loose nuts here and there and joints that come off. The joints are usually welded back in position, and the nuts fastened accordingly. If you take good care of your metal stairs, it can serve you for decades down the line without the need for replacement or extensive restoration works.