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How To Maintain Your Outdoor Stairs For Years To Come

Outdoor stairs take you to the upper deck, the balcony, and other raised platforms at home. Since they are always exposed to weather changes, it is important that you take extra care to avoid degradation and damage of the stairs.

Install quality materials

Outdoor staircases should be made of durable materials that are sufficiently treated against the bad weather. Most of the Australia land mass is near the ocean. This causes lots of salt from the sea to be in the atmosphere thereby causing speedy damage of nearly all the materials. The seasonal changes also take a toll on the materials.

Protect the outdoor stairs according to the material used

Various types of materials can be used to make outdoor stairs. The common materials used in Melbourne homes include steel, concrete, and wood. Each of the materials has its maintenance procedure different from the rest. Here are some basics.

Stain and seal to protect the wood

If you use wood for the flooring of your outdoor stairs, ensure that you stain and seal the timber to prevent damage from moisture or cracks due to hot sun or snow. The sealant also gets rid of the mould on wood. In addition, a sealed wooden floor looks shiny and appealing.

Clean regularly

Most people forget the stairs in the backyard in their routine cleaning program. Cleaning prevents the accumulation of water, dirt and other particles that may attract the growth of small plants, and moisture, which damages the material used in the staircase. Ensure that you regularly sweep or vacuum the outdoor stair for it to look good for long.

Paint after a given period

Metals surfaces come with vanish or a special powder coating to prevent corrosion. However, with time and exposure from bad weather, you may realise that there patches that chip off and corrosion sets in. Areas that have corroded should be cleaned off by sanding. Then, a primer and metal vanish applied onto the metal to prevent further corrosion. You can also paint wood and concrete floors of your staircase as a way of maintaining them.

Has the staircase repaired as soon as you notice problems? If you wait for too long, the chances are that the damage with continue to worsen thereby becoming a safety hazard and costing you much more to maintain. The balusters and handrails should be fixed as soon as they feel loose while the concrete flooring should be redone at areas where there is chipping.