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How To Protect Your Outdoor Stairs

It is essential to choose the right outdoor stairs for your homes, as the stairs add a bit of beauty and richness to the exterior of the house.  Whilst adding the exterior look to the house, the outdoor stairs must also be functional, durable, appealing and safe. The design of the stairs will solely depend on the requirements of the house. Houses in the Europe such as Australia have this concept of exterior stairs for their homes. But it is not as easy to maintain it, as there is no one constant weather pattern but different seasonal changes ranging from summer to winter. To ensure your exterior stairs are durable and long lasting, there must be proper maintaining that needs to be done which will also prevent damages and keep the stairs in top shape.

Protect Your Stairs According To Your Material

There are various types of outdoor stairs that can be fitted to homes. And according to the type of material, there are particular maintenance measures that are to be done. Most Melbourne homes have been fitted with wooden outdoor stairs. It is a common material used in the European countries as it gives a classy yet a unique homey feel to the exterior. This material although looks good and rich, it needs to be maintained properly in order to be long lasting.

Stain, Seal, Protect!

Firstly after an installation of outdoor flooring for stairs, you must stain and seal the timber to prevent cracks or any signs of rotting, usage over time and moisture. There is also a type of sealant that prevents the surface getting damaged from frequent UV rays and water due to daily exposure to the sun’s direct rays and rain or morning dew. This sealant prevents from the floor being damaged or cracking and moulds forming from wet climate or dew. And in addition, it gives the floor a finished shiny look.

Super Sealant Will Help You.

After installation it would be best to make sure there are no wood splinters forming on the surface over time, therefore sanding down these areas and re-sealing with a top quality sealant will do the trick. Wood splinters forming can be due to it being worn out over time or a sign of wood rotting from beneath the surface, and so occasional replacing of the floor boards may prevent from causing bigger damage.

The Regular Routine Makes The Difference.

Following this, regular sweeping or vacuuming to wipe out wet spots and any spills without leaving for too long can prevent from the wood being soaked and finish off with a wax to waterproof it. By placing a rug on the entrance can prevent gravel or stones that may be stuck under the shoes to fall off which will prevent the flooring from extensive scratches. If any outdoor furniture or equipment is to be placed, pad the foot of the furniture with soft padding material to prevent dents and scratches.

By maintaining the outside stairs well, over time you need not spend extensively on damages or replacing as it can be quite costly. Hence you can have long lasting stairs that best suit the look and feel of your home.