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Metal vs Timber Balusters – What Works For Your Stairs

There are so many options out there that when choosing which material is best for your baluster, you are overwhelmed with choices. Two of most common materials are metal and timber. But how do you decide between them? In this post, we look at the key points in helping you choose which baluster material is best for your staircase.

Why Metal Balusters Make The Best Option

First, let’s take a look at why metal balusters are so popular for so many people. To start with, they provide a very professional look – and that works wonders with the likes of businesses. However, that shouldn’t discourage the use of metal in homes. You can make it work to your advantage because metal balusters:

  • Are also flexible in the manner in which they can be edited and designed, so you can find yourself creating a metal baluster in your image.

  • On top of this, you have an array of colours and tints that can be added to ensure that the balusters are created correctly.

  • Can be used for both exterior and interior staircases.

Why Are Timber Balusters So Popular?

While metal balusters are the new “trendy” thing with staircases, let’s not forget about timber. With this classic raw material, you can add a level of pure elegance to your staircase.  From colonial to modern day crafts, timber balusters offer a wide array of options when it comes to designs, styles, and creations. A classic material, it provides your business or home with a “traditional” feeling – homely, elegance and smart. You will get to enjoy:

  • A range of different timbers – all of which are durable, reliable and can last for decades

  • The ability to have your timber balusters bent and made to your will

  • A variety of different colour tints that can make your balusters look stunning in every way – so that it makes your home or business!

The Similarities Between The Two

While there are substantial differences between metal and timber balusters, there are strong similarities between the two – especially when you get a professional involved in the process. With both options, you can get curved, straight, L-shape and U-shape staircases and get balustrades that match the style of your staircase. With an array of designer choices that leave you with options galore.

So when it comes to deciding if metal or timber balusters are for you, contact S&A Stairs. We can help you with all your staircase designs so that your staircase is perfect in every way.