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Modern Stairs

Modern stairs lend much of their design principles from modernistic architecture, which abides by the central notion that form follows function. As it applies to stairs, modern design typically features simple forms that eliminate unnecessary detail, express and celebrate structure, as use raw or natural materials.

In the United States, Modern architecture has been represented throughout the past generation, lead by world-renowned architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, who famously used raw materials like concrete, stone and glass in houses that made maximum space of natural light.

In Australia, modernism takes a slightly different form. Less inspired by American modernism that Edwardian, Victorian, and Californian era architecture, Modern Australian homes are still known for their simplicity.

In recent times, cities like Melbourne and Sydney have embraced modern architecture, especially in the inner city, where suburbs that were previously zoned as industrial land, have been taken up by the younger generation who celebrate the raw materials and industrial textures.

 At S&A, our modern stairs take on many different forms. Combining simple design elements with natural, locally and internationally sourced timbers, stainless steel, steel, or hardwood stringers, and timber, glass or wire balustrade. The flight is usually straight with a timber handrail, or a combination of steel centre carriage with glass balustrade.