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Our Designs

This is the part of the process where the team at S&A Stairs uses all the creative muscle. With all the information provided by you, we begin the design phase of your project. This design phase will see you working with one of our Technical Detailers. Together, you will get your project to come to life in a visual sense. 


Working With the Technical Detailer.  

You’ll be assigned with one of our experienced and professional Technical Detailers. They will help you throughout the entire process, looking at the specifications of your stair, your requested style, materials and creating a solid plan for it. Our team will draw up technical drawings of your project, so you have a visual representation of what to expect. 


Ongoing Process.  

Much like the quotation phase, our team of detailers will be able to make changes to your plans if you see fit. We work alongside you and your builder/architect, ensuring that all the facets of your project are precisely detailed in our drawings. This way, you are able to see the drawings of your stair come to life during the installation phase.


Ready For the Next Step.  

Once the design phase is complete, we’ll break down the how process will continue going forward. Once you are satisfied with the final design of your stair and have signed off on the drawings, we commence the biggest stage of the process – the manufacturing of your stairs.  To understand more about this stage, click on The Manufacturing Process page to see how we do it and how we continue to manage your project for you.