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Renewing Your Stairs – Why Material Matters

Sometimes all your staircase needs is a little face lift. This face lift can be as easy as relaying your steps with new material. There’s no need to completely change your staircase design, you can simply start by changing the steps. So how do you go about it? Here are a few points to consider when deciding on which material you can renew on your staircase:

1) Timber

When it comes to adding class and sophistication to your staircase, timber is the material you are looking for. With its natural look and feel, it opens up a world of design possibilities and styles, thanks to its flexible nature. You can have it made into balustrades, handrails, base rails and steps. Timber also gives a classic look and makes your staircase appear more expensive. With many types of timbers available, you have options galore to choose what you want.

2) Metal

Metal is an extremely versatile and durable staircase material that can be produced and modeled to all styles and forms. If you are looking to add a slick contemporary look, then metal can help you with it. It will work well with both traditional and modern staircases. It adds a level of shine and glow to your staircase and is great when it comes to mixing with other materials.

3: Glass

Over the years, glass has taken off. With its light-giving properties and flexible design, people are able to get what they want from glass. It can be made into anything, including handrails, base rails and even into panels. With a large array of options, you will be able to give your staircase that sparkle that you want. Works well with both modern and traditional staircases, expect to enjoy this stunning addition for years to come. When it comes to adding light and make your staircase seem bigger, then glass is the way to go.

Of course, you are also free to mix and match materials. Timber, glass and metal can all be combined to great effect, and work particularly well in both modern and traditional homes. If you would like more information on renewing your staircase, contact the experts here at S&A Stairs.