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Rustic Staircase Designs For Winter

For those of you that love winter, creating a cosy and rustic look in your home is a fun way to not only change things up, but upgrade your interior to something you love. One of the best ways to make your home feel rustic is through a new staircase. We have some great suggestions for updating your staircase to something unique and rustic this winter, read on to see our top tips.

Use a Rustic Material: Wood

There’s nothing more rustic than using high-quality wood in your new custom staircase. From refined sealed wood to exposed wood, it’s a fantastic material for any style of home. The best part about using wood as the primary material for your staircase is that it’s incredibly versatile – from traditional to modern homes, you can use wood to add a rustic feel to your space.

We love pairing wood with high-quality metal to blend the best of both traditional and modern worlds. The colour of the wood you use will also impact the feel of the space. If you’re going for something rustic, we recommend choosing a darker colour or a wood that has hints of red or orange.

Posts and Balustrades

Don’t be afraid to get bold with your posts and balustrades. Use posts as focal points along your staircase or an elaborate balustrade to add elegance and sophistication. We also recommend using wood for your posts and balustrades for added warmth.

Spiral Stairs

There’s nothing more timeless than a spiral staircase. They’re great for any style of home and add a unique feature to your space. Using wood for treads instead of the typical metal tread adds warmth to the staircase. A spiral staircase takes up less space than a traditional staircase and allows more natural light to pass through your home.


Landings are a fantastic way to make your home feel rustic and cosy this winter. If you’re upgrading to a landing staircase, we recommend making the landing large enough for a small seating area. A landing with a cosy seating area can help break up the different levels of your home and provides a different use for your staircase. Rather than using it to simply move between floors, a seating space is a unique feature that everyone will love.

Switchback Stairs

Similar to staircases with landings, a switchback staircase is a staircase that doubles back on itself, typically with a landing in the middle. A switchback staircase can make your space feel warm and cosy without making it feel small and cramped. Line the stairs with family photos or pieces of art for an added personal touch.

Why Your Staircase Is Important

There are few things in your home that are as important as your staircase. Staircases are often overlooked and simply seen as a way to get from point A to point B. With advances in modern architecture, staircases are quickly becoming functional pieces of art. From simple wooden staircase that makes your space feel warm and rustic to elaborate glass staircases that shows your modern flare, there are so many beautiful staircase options available today. If you’re starting a new build or want to upgrade your existing staircase, call the staircase experts at S&A Stairs today.