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Set Your Staircase Apart With Balusters

One of the most common methods of giving your staircase an added layer of class and modernity is by installing balusters. Perfectly designed and stylish balusters can help change the overall the look of your staircase, giving it a new, fresh appeal. However, choosing the right baluster can often be confusing with plenty of designs, makes, models and materials to choose from.

To make this process easier for you, we have provided you with some easy tips to consider when looking for the ideal `balusters for your staircase.

Match The Material 

Each staircase varies. There is no one-size fits all type of baluster. That is why you speak to an expert, and get their advice when it comes to matching your new balusters to your existing staircase. For example, steel balusters with a timber staircase take away from the appeal associated with timber staircases. The same applies vice-versa. Always go for the same material, so you have a link between your new balusters and old staircase.

Go For Your Favourite Design

With a large array of baluster designs on the market, choosing a style, cut or model is often the lengthiest part of the design process. Once you have followed Step 1 – Matching the Material, find a style of baluster that matches and feels right for you and your home. Take your time, don’t rush this decision. There is nothing worse than settling for something that doesn’t fit or makes you unhappy.

…Or Custom Make It 

With staircase professionals like S&A Stairs guiding you, you can get custom-made balusters. This means you no longer have to settle on something that you are not entirely satisfied with. Professional staircase designers can plan and manufacture a baluster that fits perfectly with your dream design if you cannot find something pre-made.

Get It Installed

The installation process is the last step to getting your perfectly designed balusters in your home. There are two ways you can go about this: install it yourself or get a professional to do it for you. Whilst you can do it yourself, you have to understand there’s always a chance of doing it wrong – which could ultimately cost you more money and time. We recommend always going to a professional, as they can provide you with the complete service. Yes, they might cost you, but what you get in return is worth it.

We hope that these tips helped you with your baluster hunt. If you would like more help on your staircase or want to speak to experts, contact S&A Stairs. We are Melbourne’s favourite staircase professionals.