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Staircase Construction: From Inspiration To Installation

How many movies have you seen where a beautiful staircase was used to depict the main highlight of a scene? These beautiful home design elements are used to create a focal point that secretes romance, elegance, and luxury.  There are few construction elements as beautiful as a beautiful staircase.  Interior designers and construction teams have greatly revolutionised the staircase into plenty of different designs in order to create a sense of tranquil inside buildings and to connect the bottom and top of a building in a fashionable and gorgeous way.  A gorgeous staircase is often considered as the centerpiece of a room and small design features of staircases greatly enhance a home or buildings charm and class.   Staircases have been in use since the beginning of architecture and continue to marvel and astound people to this very day.  

But what is the construction process of a beautiful staircase and how do designers come up with so many different and beautiful staircase designs to create a unique atmosphere in just about any building?

Step one – Examination architectural designs

Not all staircase types are compatible with all building designs.  The first step to creating a beautiful, suitable an efficient staircase is to examine the buildings architectural design.  The staircase designer must first establish the ideal positioning of the staircase, the space available for the staircase and the technical requirements for the staircase.  Elements like positioning, available space, and traffic all can affect the design style, shape, and size of the staircase.

Step two – Inspiration

Once the designer knows what the layout of the staircase should be, the final detail and inspiration will be discussed with the client.  All of the different staircase types will be discussed with the client as well as different accessories, handrails, balustrades, posts and more. Clients can view product photos to help them choose between different designs and popular design trends will be discussed to help the client make a choice that will best benefit the home with regards to property value and overall appearance.

Step three – Specifics are decided

Once the designer knows what the preferences of the client are, final decisions will be made with regards to the following;

–    Stair stringer type

–    Open or closed stair type

–    Stair colour or material

–    The type of handrail and positioning of handrail

–    The styling and type of posts

Step four – Draw up CAD drawings

With all the specifications in mind, the designer will then create CAD drawings.  These detailed drawings will give the client a good visual interpretation of what the final project will look like. If the client approves, the CAD drawings will be sent to the construction team so they can study the drawings and establish what products need to be acquired for the project.

Step five – Construction

SA Stairs has a professional construction team on hand with many years of experience.  Our teams also have all the required machinery and tools to get the staircase installed quickly and efficiently and we are familiar with high-quality product suppliers.  Our construction teams will order high-quality products from suppliers and will ensure that only the best hardwoods are selected for the staircase.  

Step 6 – Custom installation

A custom installation is done for each and every home and every single staircase is crafted and installed to suit the unique setup, architectural designs, and needs of the client.  Once installed, the staircase is cleaned professionally and treated with the correct products to ensure that the staircase and natural wood will last a long time.

With these steps, each and every client receives a completely unique staircase that is crafted to suit the exact need of the client, the design of the structure and to match the general vibe of the building.