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Staircase Trends Of 2017

Trends in the home are just like anything else: they are always changing. What is popular now is not so much in a few years’ time. But that doesn’t mean it goes out of fashion. It remains a staple of the age and always remains a part of the future. The same applies with staircases: they too have trends.

So, let’s take a look at the four most popular staircase trends of 2017.

Trend 1: Glass

Timber and metal have long been the standard materials when it comes to staircases. Now a new contender has emerged – glass. With its unbelievable and flexible design, you can create anything you want with glass. From steps to balustrades, spindles to newels. Glass is fast becoming very popular with the modern homeowner. With a great modern twist and bright shine, it provides homes with a new stylish trend.

Trend 2: Minimalism

Less is more, and in 2017, that rings true with staircases. However, instead of grand staircases, recent trends are now focused on keeping things minimal. This is due to the growing trend of minimalism in homes – less stuff, more space – and staircases are now part of it. Sleeker and simpler designs are emerging with less room being taken up. This trend looks to continue well into 2018.

Trend 3: Mixing Materials

As fashion trends change, new trends emerge. This also applies to stairs. Many homeowners nowadays are mixing materials together. They get timber steps with glass panels on the side or metal handrails. With a wide variety of materials available on the market, the options are endless. You can experiment and make the staircase you want, with the materials you want.

Trend 4: Storage

These days, homeowners are looking for more space in their home – without increasing the overall size of their home. One way of achieving this is by making use of the space underneath their stairs. By storing a closet, room or space underneath their stairs, they are getting the space they want, while at the same time, keeping their stylish stairs together.

If you are looking into incorporate these stunning trends into your home, then why not speak to the team at S&A Stairs? We have everything you need to ensure that your staircase is looking stunning and standing out from the crowd.