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Timber Vs Steel Balustrades: The Quick Breakdown

Balustrade offers a myriad of benefits to your home, from cordoning off a specific area for privacy purposes to adding elegance and safety to your dwelling. Of course, there’s a huge variety of balustrades to choose from — stainless steel, iron, plexiglass, glass, stone, timber and so forth. Over the years, however, two types of balustrades – timber and steel – have gained increased traction for a range of reasons. But, which is better? In this post, I’ll walk you through the pros of both so you can make the right choice.

Steel Balustrades

The use of stainless steel balustrade has burgeoned in the past few decades, especially in the industrial or commercial settings like malls and for good reason.

1. Low Maintenance

Unlike timber counterparts, steel balustrades are quite robust and resilient. That in itself translates into a lot less upkeep and maintenance, not to mention oodles of cash you’ll save in the long run!

2. Flexible Designs

Stairs for Commercial PropertiesWith great technological leaps and milestones made in the manufacture of steel, it can be made into balustrades of diverse shapes and designs. Stainless steel can be moulded to take complex designs, curves or even be in a plain design, giving the balustrade an outstanding look. It also adds a dimension of texture to balconies, stairs, etc.

3. Steel Balustrades are Elegant

Much like glass balustrades, steel balustrades are very beautiful; they add an artistic, decorative and stylish touch to your home, without compromising on strength. So, if you’re looking for a quirky or elegant look, steel will do the trick.

4. Cost Effective

Since it requires minimal upkeep, steel can be very cost-effective for the long haul.

Timber Balustrades

Timber is a popular choice for the design and manufacture of turned and simple horizontal balustrades.

1. Freedom of Design Style

Whether you’re going for an antique or modern look, timber balustrades will work like a charm.

2. Versatile and Strong

We all know timber is strong, but it has consistently remained popular because it’s versatile and easy to work with.

3. Goes Well with Other Materials

The choices are unlimited with timber. They go perfectly with wood for a sassy look or glass for an elegant and environmentally friendly approach.

4. Timeless Appeal

Depending on the colour of timber, skilled artisans can use it to come up with classic balustrades that add timeless appeal to your home.