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Steel Or Timber Balustrades – What Is Better For Your Stairs?

Balustrades are used in many homes these days. Apart from working as a safety feature in the property, these structures can add a higher amount of aesthetic value to the property, as well as increasing the monetary value. That is why most Australians consider using balustrades in their residential properties – they get a wide array of benefits. The two most popular options are Steel and Timber. Both these materials are used for balustrades and each of these materials has different characteristics. Let’s analyse the characteristics of both timber and steel balustrades to see what is the best choice for your stairs.


Steel Balustrades For Your Stairs


  • They demand less maintenance work  
    Naturally, steel balustrades are stronger and more durable than timber. Therefore, they demand less attention in terms of maintenance compared to timber. Although you have to invest more money on steel than installing wood, it is a wise investment in the long run.
  • Large array of designs
    Steel balustrades come in a large array of designs to choose from. Depending on the type of the property, you can select a shape and size. In fact, virtually any shape is possible with steel thanks to the developments of modern technology. As a result you would see highly intricate designs to your stairs.
  • Affordability
    It is true that you have to make an initial investment to install steel balustrade. However, in the long run, steel can save you some money. In general, they require less maintenance and can last longer, giving you the best value for your investment.
  • Complements any setup  
    Thanks for the versatility of steel, they complement any setup, be it a wooden floor or glass structure. Therefore, possibilities are endless with steel balustrades.


Timber Balustrades For Your Stairs


  • Variety of designs
    Even with timber, you can expect a variety of designs varying from classic to a modern look. You’ll have a wide scope of style and sophistication with timber.
  • They have a very luxurious appearance
    Balustrades that are made out of timber can add glamour to any location, be it a commercial or a residential property. Don’t think of them as merely a “strength” only appearance – they can appear very luxurious thanks to their ‘rich’ appeal.
  • Sturdy 
    Timber is a strong material for the balustrade, guaranteeing you a lifetime of security. But this depends on the type of the wood used.
  • Easy to work with
    If you are creative enough, you can make impressive balustrade designs with timber too. Timber is considered as a material that is easy to work with, so you can have an array of creations that can be made.


Both timber and steel are excellent choices for balustrades in your home. Depending on the type of the situation, your personal interest and the budget you are willing to work with, the choice may differ. However, in general, steel is considered to be an affordable and stronger, but top quality timber materials are just as good and the more aesthetically appealing option.