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Steel Spiral Staircases – Why They Are The Better Option Compared To Timber

If you are looking for a spiral staircase that oozes professionalism, has little maintenance and can last for years, then steel is the material you should be looking for.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, we discussed how timber and steel are the two most popular options – and we gave you reasons why you should choose timber over steel. Well, now it is time to discuss how steel spiral staircases are the better option. This way, you get the full scope and know what to choose.

Why Steel Spiral Staircases Are The Best Option 

That Professional Appeal
A steel staircase is more professional; it portrays the idea of strength and durability and looks great in an office and/or business type setting. That is why many businesses in Melbourne have steel staircases. It provides the customer with the idea that the company is professional simply with a staircase. They have the ability to make any space have that extra degree of sophistication.

That Modern Appeal
While in the past steel staircases offered a rough, almost iconic look, it has also been brought back into our modern times and is now one of the worlds most trending fashion styles. It is thin, sleek, and can be designed to best fit your modern needs. The look and the feel of a steel spiral staircase also adds a trendy atmosphere to the staircase as a whole. With every style and design, it is now possible to make a classic idea hip and trendy.

Little To No Maintenance For Steel
Another benefit with steel is that there is little to no maintenance once installed. Just a little powder every now and again to keep it from rusting and a few simple steps to keep it maintained will guarantee that your steel spiral staircases will last for years to come.

It is for these reasons that steel is fast becoming a popular material when people look to install spiral staircases in their homes or businesses. We hope this gives you a clear idea on why steel spiral staircases are a good option for your business or home. If you would like more information about installing stairs in your Melbourne home, contact the team at S&A Stairs today.