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Steps To Adding A Gallery To Your Staircase

As magnificent as a staircase can be, nothing adds a personal touch to them quite like adding a photo display adjacent to it. Picture walking up and down your staircase and seeing all of your favourite memories every time you do.

Choosing the photos to include is the east part, bringing the entire project together can be the tricky part. From our years of experience in the stair business, we’ve put together some simple steps to making sure your photo gallery is something that you will treasure and appreciate each time you use your staircase.

Consider the Size of Your Photos and Frame 

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to matching the size of your frames in your staircase gallery. You can mix it up with different size variations depending on the photos you want to use. The trick to doing this is to decide on which pictures you want to highlight – and how large you want them. Do you want to focus on a large family portrait and a few smaller holiday photos? Or do you want to have three large photos instead of seven small ones? Once you figure out the number of photos you want to use, their size and style of frames, you can focus on the next step.

Location, Location, Location

All stairs have an ebb and flow. Finding this flow will help you decide on the location for your photos. It could be the first step, or the middle curve, or the final steps. Each staircase has its walk and feeling to it where you can stop and pause for a second. This is the moment, where you should star t placing your photos.

Compliment Your Staircase with Contrasting Your Frames

Your photo gallery should be the focus of your staircase. But the trick is finding frames that compliment your staircase, and don’t blend in with their surrounds. There are two ways you can achieve this: go for coloured frames that differ from the colour of your staircase, or secondly, opt for frames that are visually different, so they catch the eye.

Measure Out The Space 

Before you start the hanging process, start with measuring out where you are going to place your frames in comparison with your staircase. With the vital information sorted (size of the frame and where you are going to place them), the next step is making it all come together. Grab a tape measure and slowly measure out the space, so your photos are aligned perfectly along your staircase.

Start Hanging! 

Once you have the formalities out of the way, you can start hanging your precious photos and bring your staircase to life with a personal touch!

If you would like more information or if you need new stairs for your Melbourne home, contact S&A Stairs.