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Stringers For Every Style Of Home

You may have come across the term ‘stringers’ when doing research on upgrading your staircase and wondered what it meant. Simply put, a stringer is the support structure that runs vertically underneath the stairs, either centrally or on either side of the stairs. While it sounds like a stringer is there for support only, it can actually provide quite a bit of style and sophistication to your staircase. Here are some common types of stringers and how to use them to upgrade your staircase.

Closed Stringers

A closed stringer is the most common type of stringer and is what you would see on a traditional staircase. However, they’re also featured on some of the most modern staircase designs, so don’t be fooled into thinking these are only for traditional stairs. Two parallel stringers run down either side of the treads and close the treads and risers in, which creates clean, straight lines that work well with any space.

Cut Outer Stringers

Staircase designs with a cut outer stringer only have one full stringer, which is usually secured to the wall. The ‘outside’ of the staircase does not have a stringer running along the stairs, leaving one side open. A cut outer stringer is a modern twist on traditional stringers, but it still has a traditional feel. If you’re wanting to blend traditional and modern styles together, this is a great choice.

Cut Stringers

You may be wondering what the difference between cut stringers and cut outer stringers is – with cut stringers we go back to having two parallel stringers on either side of the staircase. However, the stringers are ‘cut’ so that the treads actually sit on top of the stringers rather connecting to the sides of the stringers. Cut stringers are particularly attractive with open stairs.

Inset Cut Stringers

Inset cut stringers are the same as cut stringers, only they’re closer together. In a regular cut stringer, the stringers are set as close to the outer edges of the treads as possible. With an inset cut stringer, the two stringers are set closer together, near the middle of the tread so that part of the tread hangs over the stringer on either side.

Central Stringers

For a very modern look, check out a staircase with a central stringer. Central stringers are thick stringers that run up the centre of the staircase. Rather than having two, a central stringer system only has one. Central stringers often look best with open staircases or cantilevered stairs, although a closed stair with just a central stringer is an attractive minimalist look.

Zig Zag Stringers

The final stringer design we will share today is the ever-popular zig zag stringer. Rather than travelling up the staircase in a straight line, these stringers follow the shape of the risers and treads to form a zig zag up the staircase. This is an excellent choice to add something unique to your staircase and to minimise the amount of space your staircase takes up.

The Foundation of Great Staircases

These various stringers are just the start of beautiful staircase designs. As you can see, there truly is a stringer for every style of home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional staircase, something modern, or something in between, we have the stringers you need to construct the perfect staircase for your home.

A great staircase starts with the perfect stringer. These support systems not only keep you and your family safe, but they’re the backbone of your staircase style. Check out our products page to see what these stringers look like in action.