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Stylish Handrails That Make Your Simple Timber Staircase Look Elegant

Traditional timber staircases have continued to dominate our houses up to now.

They have outlived the test of time and continue to impress new homeowners until today. Handrails operate like a partner to a staircase in highlighting and decorating its value in the appearance of your home. You may have considered of installing a timber staircase but not yet thought about the type of hand railing to complement it.

In fact, it is very easy to ignore handrails when selecting on the stairs to use. Have you ever considered the value that handrails would contribute to your timber staircase? If you are interested in stylish handrails, then you will enjoy reading the following paragraphs.


Handrails are not only about decorations but also the safety of the people in your house. Handrails offer support and stability to your wooden staircases and they define the look of your stairs. They are an absolute requirement for children and the elderly people in the house since they allow them to support themselves and walk safely through the stairs. Handrails have been used in many establishments such as schools, children homes, and shopping centres to ensure the safety of staircase users and bring about the elegance of the staircase.

A Touch of Style

Some magic is added to handrails to make them decoration pieces for your house. Adding a touch of colour, design or shape to your handrails can immensely change the appearance of your staircase. Your handrails should not only be strong but should have a touch of class and style in their look. There is a variety of handrail designs on the market. They include wrought iron, wooden rails, wire railings and stainless steel handrails. These designs can be adopted and used to enhance the appearance of your wooden stairs.

For a complete wooden touch, timber staircase blends well timber handrails. Combining your wooden staircase with a different handrail is not common. However, with a good installer it can be done using materials that complement the timber staircase such as wrought iron and stainless steel handrails. Metal blends well with wooden stairs, and it is easy to work with due to its malleable characteristics. Since the eternal beauty of wood and its versatility is unmatched, standard wooden handrails have remained impressive maintaining the charm that wood continues to dominate our home interiors.

When you are creative, there can be immense beauty hidden in simplicity. When you combine experiment with creativity, you can easily come up with handrails ideas that will be appealing.  If you know what kind of handrails that present the elegance you are looking for, you can look for an innovative installer who can build handrails that merge with your interior space. When you are not sure of what will work for your space, it is advisable to engage an expert who will transform your thoughts into that elegant handrail that you aspire to have. Your chosen handrails should complement your wooden stairs and also provide adequate support to the staircase.

Focussing on the beauty and style of your handrails is essential. Handrails that are stylish not only contribute to the coziness of your stairs but also of the entire house while still fulfilling its protective role.