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When it comes to selecting material for your new staircase, there are plenty of reasons why many homeowners are opting for timber. Not only does timber provide your spaces with a sense of warmth, they are easily able to compliment any type of decor and make a great first impression.

Timber has long been a staple material for home construction. However, the timber can vary depending on the region and availability. However, if you are looking for the best types of timber to use for your next staircase project, you cannot go past hardwood. Hardwoods are extremely durable and long-lasting and depending on the species can range from yellow golden hues to burnt sienna and dark brown.

Wooden staircases add warmth and beauty to any space with their different colours and textures and can be designed in several ways that include modern, traditional, commercial and architectural.

But what species of timber will work for your staircase? This is a question that we are asked by almost all of our potential clients so we have compiled the following list to provide a bit of an idea on what timbers many of our clients opt for.

Victorian Ash.

Is a species of hardwood originating from Victoria. The appearance of this beautiful timber can range from pale pink right through to a yellowish-brown colour. This type of timber typically features waviness and gum veins. It is particularly popular in the use of staircases because it is beautiful, strong, warm and hard wearing, and with it’s naturally blonde hues, it has the ability to be stained to any colour you wish.

Spotted Gum.

Originates from coastal New South Wales into the Queensland border. The appearance of Spotted Gum varies from a light coffee brown to a dark brunette in colour. This species of timber is available in a gorgeous colour palette with an attractive wavy grain. Spotted Gum is often used for engineering applications including framing, flooring, cladding and decking. This species have straight, slender trunks with a smooth outer bark layer that sheds in a range of areas - thus far giving it the spotted characteristics.


Is a very versatile wood species and ideal to be used for any staircase component from the posts to the stringers. It is also one of the two most commonly used for indoor staircases. Pine timber is typically a pale yellow colour, offering a grain pattern that is again lighter than the rest of the wood. Unlike most other timbers, pine is usually carpeted over of left in its natural state, and due to it being more porous than say oak, Pine is the preferred wood for stairs to be painted.


Merbau is derived largely from South East Asia, but also available from northern Queensland and is often featured in outdoor furniture and internally for a range of flooring and joinery projects. This stunning species of wood is often yellow-orange brown in colour and deepens to a red with ageing. Merbau is a versatile wood that responds well to hand tools and is quite often found in specialised projects such as cabinet making, musical instruments, boat buildings and wood carvings.

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