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The Best Way To Clean Your Indoor Timber Staircases

When you custom built your indoor timber staircase, you are inadvertently making a sizeable investment to your home. You are adding style, sophistication and a classic appeal to your property. However, you can’t merely ignore your timber stairs if you are looking to keep it in premium condition. That is why we recommend developing a cleaning routine that makes maintenance easy and prolongs the beauty of your timber staircase.


Do Timber Staircases Need To Be Cleaned Differently?

Depending on your indoor stairs, you have to approach cleaning them differently. With timber stairs, due to the natural elements, more care is required than metal or stone stairs. It is a naturally durable and strong material, but it is because of this that more effort is needed to keep its beauty. We got the four steps for you for that to happen.


Step 1: Clear All The Dust

Firstly, sweep all the dust and debris off your timber stairs, by making your way from the top. This way, you will slowly and progressively sweep down all the dust to the bottom, making it simple and easy to scoop it all up.


Step 2: Vacuum Up All The Debris

Grab the vacuum, turn it up and go down the stairs one by one, cleaning up all the dust and left over particles that you might have missed. It might seem like you’re doubling up on the work with the sweeping, but the extra clean ensures that your steps will be perfect for the following steps.

Step 3: Wipe Down To Give It A Clear Shine

When the thorough sweeping is completed, the next step is to grab a damp sponge and exactly like the sweeping, go from top to bottom, wiping down the steps. Once you have wiped down the steps with a wet sponge, grab a cloth and slowly dry up your timber staircases, so you avoid leaving any wet spots that could be absorbed into the timber. Once again, go from top to bottom.


Step 4: Get That Extra Polish

Next, grab a timber cleaning soap solution that is specifically made for hardtimber surfaces. Anything else might damage the steps, so stick to the expensive stuff. Mix in the solution with some warm water and mop your timber stairs. Once you’ve finished, make sure you thoroughly wipe down your staircase with a dry and soft cloth (just like step three) to make sure that no cleaning solution is left behind.


Give yourself five minutes and look back: your interior timber staircase is now looking stunning and brand new. With these four simple steps, you will keep your timber stairs beautiful and alive for years to come.


For more information on creating, manufacturing and looking after your interior timber staircases, speak to the experts at S&A Stairs. We have all the experience you need to make the difference for your stairs in your home.