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Are you still brainstorming the best staircase design for your building? Well, you do have your work cut out for you because modern staircase designs are more diverse than ever before and you can choose from an increasingly wide range of staircase types. This is excellent because it enables design teams to install a staircase in virtually any room or location and it gives building owners much more flexibility and functionality since they can save space and create beautiful eye catching staircases that focuses the eye on these brilliant designs.

At S&A Stairs, our custom staircase designs are even more versatile because we have a wide range of different types of staircase products that we can combine to help you create a completely unique staircase for your building. You can choose from a wide variety of post types, handrail types, accessories, balustrades and even a wide range of step types to customise the main design type of your staircase exactly the way you need it.

Here are the top staircase design types to consider for your building.

Straight Staircases

Straight staircases are the most common types found in the world. These are easy to climb, easy to build and only need to be connected at the top and bottom which means you can create freestanding types. These staircases can be customised by using different types of materials, accessories, steps, and balustrades and you can even include a central landing space in the middle of the staircase to ease the climb. Straight staircases are functional and beautiful but are hardly the most thrilling type of staircase to consider for your building.

L-Shaped Staircase

These are also called quarter turn stairs and are often installed in a corner of a room. The staircase consists of a landing space followed by a 90-degree bend. You can choose to install your landing space anywhere along the staircase and can customise the staircase any way you like. These staircases are often easier to climb.

U-Shaped Staircase

These staircases are much like L-shape staircases but consist of a 180-degree landing extension. The staircases are pretty safe thanks to the rest spot on the landing space and don’t take up as much room as a normal straight staircase would. Some U shaped staircases consist of two 90 degree landing spaces with steps between them to ease the climb.

Winder Stairs

These stairs look a lot like the L-shape staircases but instead of a flat landing space, these stairs have triangular steps to allow the 90% corner transition. These steps are relatively easy to install and are best suited in the corner of a room however you can get it installed centrally.

Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are probably the most beautiful, unique and sought after staircase types. The design of this staircase lends a sense of elegance and charm. These steps are also fairly easy to climb and are usually constructed around a single round pole. These types of staircases do however make it challenging to carry things and especially heavy and bulky items up and down the stairs.

Curved Staircase

These staircase types are also beautiful and are perfect for businesses thanks to the elegance of these staircase types. The staircase basically just curves upward instead of heading up in a straight line and the result is a lot softer.   

Ladder Stairs

These are the most uncomfortable to climb but they are functional, especially considering their price. These staircases are mostly used outdoors or as a temporary solution but if you have your heart set on this staircase inside the building then you can always give this one a try.

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