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The S&A Stairs Guide To Stair Spindles

Stair spindles are a great way of bringing a touch of personality to your home. With staircases now being fully customised to your home, you get to choose stair spindles that you like and would pair well with the overall design of the stairs and the house. When selecting stair spindles for your home, here are some of the factors you need to consider.

Type of Spindle

Your first task would be to choose which type of spindle works best for your home. There are plenty of options to choose.

  • Traditional spindles – as the name suggests, these are more conventional and are usually made from materials like different types of wood, iron, and ash.
  • Contemporary spindles – these are more modern and quite eye-catching, and they are perfect for homes in urban areas. They are also made from different materials like different types of wood, iron, brushed nickel and chrome.


Stair spindles are made from different kinds of materials and, you can also have them come in different combinations depending on what you prefer.  Each material comes with its unique benefits and look so making the right choice is important.

  • Timber – timber is the most versatile of the materials and gives the home a warm and welcoming feel. Timber spindles will work for just about any type of home from traditional to urban and modern houses.
  • Metal – like timber, metal is very versatile, and metal stair spindles can take different shapes and forms. The wrought iron design is more popular, but there are plenty of contemporary designs worth some consideration as well. Metal spindles are more durable and simpler to keep clean and can be painted easily for a more customised look.  
  • Wood and metal – you can also have spindles that have a mix of wood and metal. The result is usually a sleek looking staircase with very contrasting and appealing colours.
  • Glass – glass panels can be used to create an effect when used with wood or steel. Glass is usually preferred because it does not block light which also makes the home feel more spacious.

Cut String or Closed String

It is also important to consider the type of stringer that you want the staircase to have. This is usually important if you have decided to have the whole staircase redone. Cut string is the most popular and elaborate design and is designed to show the outline of the steps. With cut string, you can also have decorative moulding or brackets at the side of the staircase.  

Closed string is not as attractive but still a worthy consideration. In this stringer, the spindles are set into a solid string which is usually a narrow timber board running up the side of the staircase. The final look is more streamlined and clean cut.


When considering the spindles, you should factor in safety especially if there are young children in the home. There are building regulations that you need to adhere to. One of the most important safety features to keep in mind is the spacing in the staircase. While they are essential, they should not be too large that a child can penetrate their head through it.

A good staircase design company will advise you on the other safety features that should be considered when setting up the spindles and make sure all of them are followed

When choosing your staircase spindles, remember that the size of your home will increase the cost of installation and materials. You should factor this in when choosing so you are not caught unaware.