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The type of balustrades you choose for your indoor or outdoor staircase can have a huge impact on the aesthetics, safety, and style of your staircase and can also affect the room or building's style. It is incredibly important to choose the correct type of balustrades because staircases are always a major focal point inside any room and outside the building. This is mostly because staircases take up a lot of visual space but also because staircases are always interesting and beautiful features in any type of building.

Here are the top things to consider while you are choosing the best and most beautiful balustrades for your staircase.

Safety Should Come First

Staircases are dangerous. One single stumble as you climb a steep staircase could be catastrophic or even fatal. It is incredibly important to choose a secure balustrade that will enhance the safety of your staircases, especially when seniors, those with mobility issues and children will be using the staircase. Glass and wire balustrades are beautiful and will certainly keep even the smallest child from tipping through the spaces but don’t have too much grabbing space where a child can grip onto. Timber balustrades are beautiful and pretty sturdy but the strongest and probably safest balustrade of all are steel and stainless steel balustrades.

Consider Cleaning

You will be surprised at just how dirty balustrades and more specifically handrails can get when lots of people are going up and down the staircase. It is important to give your handrails and balustrades a regular clean to keep them looking great and to keep germs at bay. Glass balustrades with their beautiful clean and open look sure are breathtaking but aren’t a suitable balustrade for areas with lots of children such as schools and homes. The glass will be a nightmare to keep clean in the long run.

These are, however perfect for corporate buildings where no one is likely to touch the glass. Wired, steel and stainless steel balustrades are easy to keep clean and you can use any type of cleaning agent without damaging the material. Wooden balustrades are also pretty easy to keep clean but you should be careful not to use harsh chemicals on these as they can get stained.

Consider Maintenance

The balustrades with lowest maintenance requirement are probably stainless steel, wire, and glass because all they need is occasional cleaning and will remain in perfect condition as time goes on. Steel balustrades might require a top coat of paint after a few years of use. Timber balustrades have the highest maintenance requirement since you need to treat the natural wood to keep it in terrific condition.

Consider Durability

All products used by S&A Stairs are made of premium quality materials which mean that you will enjoy terrific durability from all of our products. Even our timber balustrades can last many decades if you take good care of them. For balustrades that last as long as you need them, all you need to do is to buy from a reputable supplier like ours.

Consider Your Style

The type of balustrades you choose can have a huge impact on the overall look and aesthetics of your staircase. Take careful consideration when choosing your balustrades and keep your building style in mind when you select. Timber balustrades and even some steel balustrades are divine for classic types of homes but steel, wired, stainless and glass fit much better in the modern, contemporary and artistic building types.

Consider What You Like

At S&A Stairs we have a wide range of balustrade designs and types to choose from which means that you can definitely choose a type that you like that will still fulfill all of your safety, cleaning, maintenance and durability requirements.

Need some help in choosing the perfect balustrade? Then give our offices a call right now. Our staircase designers are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect balustrades for your custom staircase.