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Timber Balustrades – Is Round The New Square?

There are plenty of wonderful staircase accessories that can make your staircase a lot safer, a lot more functional and a lot more beautiful.  Handrails, posts, balustrades and a great variety of staircase accessories make it much easier to get up and down those steep flights, reduces the chances of falling and greatly enhances the overall appearance of a staircase as well as the surroundings.  

Plenty of property owners and interior designers love to invest in timber balustrades because of the secure feel and luxury vibe that this type of staircase accessory provides.  

What exactly is a balustrade?

A balustrade is a railing or handrail that is usually supported by pillars or balusters.  Balustrades are often seen as the major attraction or appeal factor of a staircase and can greatly vary with regards to design.  Timber balustrade rails can be squared, rounded and grooved into various designs that enhances the appeal and charm of the staircase.  Posts of balustrade can also greatly differentiate with regards to design and plenty of property owners and interior decorators love to alternate traditional wooden posts with steel posts, stainless steel posts, wired posts and even glass posts in order to create a staircase that is compatible with a specific design trend.

Top balustrade types?

Glass balustrades – These balustrades consist of a timber handrail with glass paneling to secure staircases and high platforms.  There are quite a few different designs in this field.  The biggest difference between glass balustrade types is the different ways in which glass paneling are fitted and the design of the handrail that goes on top.

Steel balustrades – These balustrades are fitted with a timber handrail that can greatly vary in design with multiple steel posts.  The posts can greatly vary in design since steel is so flexible and many interior decorators love to invest in steel posts with decorative elements to create a sense of charm and delicacy.

Stainless steel balustrades – Stainless steel is incredibly durable and very beautiful.  These balustrades mostly have uniform looking stainless pillars and are finished off with an elegant handrail that is either round, rounded or square in design.

Timber balusters – Timber balusters consists of a timber handrail that can vary in design and timber pillars that also can vary in design.  Timber balusters are the most popular balustrade on the market because of the classic quality vibe that derives from using an all timber staircase.  

Why round is the new square

Most property owners and interior decorators used to invest in balustrades with a square design.  This square design along with a square post used to be quite trendy because the design resulted in a modern and futuristic, yet clean-cut vibe that suits modern architectural trends much better.  Times are however changing and people are once again starting to prefer attention to details, smoothness and round shapes.  Round timber balustrades and grooved yet rounded balusters are increasing in popularity and interior decorators are also showing a preference for rounded steel and timber posts.  Decorative elements such as steel art and steel curves and smooth wooden engravings are also sought after.  Plenty of interior decorators also show preference towards rounded timber posts with beautiful and elegant carvings to match the rounded effects of the balustrade.

If you are about to install a new balustrade for your staircase then you can definitely consider a rounded timber balustrade.  The timber will result in a classy investment that will never go out of style and the rounded effect of the pillars and balustrade will enhance the elegance and charm of the staircase.