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Top 4 Traits of Modern Railing Systems

Traditional staircases are quickly becoming a thing of the past – gone are the days of the same railing and balustrade system on the same staircase home after home.  Today’s modern architecture is pushing the boundaries of style and functionality in staircases and railing systems. Since they’re becoming so popular, we thought it was time to talk about some common traits of modern railing systems to you can decide whether they’re right for you – here are the top four traits that we see today.


When we say clean we aren’t necessarily talking about not having dirt on the railing system – while that’s important for any quality railing system, what we mean by clean is the overall look and feel of the railing system.  Modern railing systems are sleek and minimalistic, which gives it that clean feeling that you’re looking for.

The simple lines and quality materials give the railing system a modern and contemporary feeling.  One of the more popular trends in modern railing systems are the use of cables rather than posts – the horizontal cable is simple and creates a visually pleasing look for your staircase.


One of the tell-tale signs of a modern railing system is what material the railing system uses.  More commonly you’ll see a high-quality metal, and even glass. It’s easy to spot a modern railing system based on the materials.  Popular modern railing systems are minimalistic and involve as little material as possible.

In a floating staircase you may see vertical railing that attaches at the ceiling, or you may see simple glass barriers with a small metal handrail.  The four traits of modern railing systems are usually intertwined – metal and glass naturally give a clean and sleek look.


The colour scheme of a modern railing system is usually very simple as well, with much of the colour coming from the natural or polished metal.  While the colour is usually very crisp and industrial, that doesn’t mean that it has to be that way. There are plenty of modern rail and staircase systems that use bright and vibrant colours to make the space pop.

It’s not uncommon to see blown glass used in the railing system or the staircase itself.  If you want a bright and fun staircase for everyone to enjoy, there are plenty of modern railing systems for you.  Finish the metal with a colourful finish or add some vibrancy to the handrail itself. You’re not limited to a bland palette of white, black, and grey.


The final common trait of a modern railing system has to do with space – modern railing systems are excellent at giving the illusion of additional space.  That has to do with their minimalistic properties. If you think back to our cable railing system example, the thin cables leave a lot of open space in the railing system which can make the space seem much bigger.

Traditional staircases and railing systems often block off the space on either side of the staircase, either with solid railing or thick poles.  A modern railing system does away with that and opens up the space to allow more light to pass throughout the room.

When you start exploring modern railing systems, you’ll begin to see why they’re growing in popularity.  Not only are they functional, but they’re also incredibly stylish and can give your home the upgrade it needs.  From a simple cable railing system to a complex glass system, the experts at S&A Stairs can help you with all of your railing needs.  Contact us today for a free consultation on your next project.