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Timber is a timeless classic when it comes to home design. From framework to finishing touches, timber is a robust, versatile material that works well in virtually any home. The same is true for staircases. Timber can be used in elegant, traditional staircases, but it can also be used in ultra-modern staircase designs.

We wanted to highlight the true versatility that timber has to offer by showing you some of the top staircase designs that can easily use timber. Here are those top timber staircase designs and why you may want to consider a custom timber staircase for your next staircase project.

Traditional Style

The first staircase that many homeowners think of when they think of timber is a traditional staircase design. Timber has been used in staircases for generations, which is why it is often tied to traditional styles. These classic designs are as elegant as they are functional, and are always a great option for any home.

If you can, try to avoid installing carpet on your staircase. A beautiful rich wood such as oak or cherry is a great standalone material for your staircase. An all-timber staircase works well in a brand new home and can tie together both traditional and modern designs.

Floating Staircase

A floating staircase made entirely out of timber is a unique and elegant way to transform your home. The timber adds a traditional element to a modern design. Floating staircases allow natural light to pass through the staircase and into the rest of your home, giving your home an open, inviting feeling.

Treads secured to the wall and supported by a central stringer provide a minimalist design that everyone will love. Add a modern metal handrail or a glass barrier for added security and elegance.

Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are timeless. While they are traditionally made of iron or other metals, we can design a custom wooden spiral staircase for your home. Curved wooden staircases are often large, gently curving staircases in open spaces. A spiral staircase is a tight curve that is much more vertical than any other stair design.

Choosing a spiral staircase is a great way to save on space without sacrificing style. Using a deep wood can create an interesting focal point for your home.

Open Risers

Regardless of the overall structure and design of the staircase, we always recommend using open risers on stairs if you can. Open risers make staircases less obstructive and more like functional art in your home. As we mentioned, an open riser allows light to pass through the staircase rather than being blocked off.

You may not realise it, but a traditional staircase can greatly hinder the amount of natural light in your home. By simply updating your staircase to have open risers, you can completely change the look of your home for the better.

Blending Contemporary and Modern

Timberis timeless and elegant, but it can also be used even in the most modern of staircase designs. The trick is to use timber in such a way that it doesn’t date your home or look out of place in a modern design. We can help you choose the right blend of materials to make the most out of your staircase.

S&A Stairs

We are passionate about building exceptional staircases for our clients. While many homeowners may choose metal and glass for their modern staircase designs, we love using timber to blend contemporary and modern style. Check out some of our latest projects online or contact a member of the S&A Stairs design team to get started on your staircase upgrade today.