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Top Traits of Modern Staircase Railing Systems

Staircase trends are always on the change.  The modern staircase is much different from traditionally styled staircases with their strict wooden pillars, their strict wood railings, and their very strict closed stair design.  Modern staircase and railing systems also suit modern living and architecture much better because interior decorators and architects can be much more bold, unique and adventurous with each and every project they take on.  

Here are the top traits of modern staircase railing systems

They fit contemporary home appeal

One of the first traits you will notice about modern staircase railing systems is the fact that they fit modern contemporary home appeal.  These modern railings fit right in with the cleaner, more open and more functional modern way of living as well as the sleek and flawless architectural design of modern buildings.

Better space utilization

Space is a big issue in modern architecture.  Architects and interior decorators are constantly battling to utilize each and every square meter so homeowners can enjoy the same functionality and quality living in smaller apartments and homes as those living in traditional and bigger homes.  The modern staircase railing system is designed to be sleek, efficient and stylish without taking up any more space inside the building than is absolutely necessary.

Diversity is plentiful

Modern staircase railing systems are quite diverse.  Materials vary between glass, timber, steel, stainless steel, wire, wrought iron and more.  With more diversity designers and interior decorators can create a unique staircase in each and every building and these staircases can be designed to suit each building’s vibe or theme as well as the space available.

Customization is amazing

Modern staircase railing systems are much more customized to suit the unique tastes of each and every customer.  Customers can decide between a great variety of materials and styles and can even choose to create a completely unique and specialized trend when they use certain elements like wrought iron for their staircase railings.

Free-standing and sleek

Free-standing staircases are a very popular staircase design trend and the railings to these freestanding staircases contribute to a sleek, elegant and very specific look for the staircase.  These freestanding staircases with their unique hand railings almost seem like a unique work of art which you can stand and marvel at.

Spirals to match the modern look

Spiral staircases are fitted with spiral constructed railings that match the overall design of the staircase perfectly.  This elegant curving railing results in a much sleeker and modernized vibe.  

A mix of materials

Another big trait of modern staircase railing system is the mix of different materials.  Modern staircase railings are often constructed with different combinations of railings such as glass and timber, timber and steel, wrought iron and stainless and much more.  By combining different mixes of materials, designers are able to create different vibes for their staircases and some even manage to create a staircase that combines a traditional look with a modernized contemporary look that matches any interior trend imaginable.

More accessories

More accessories like handrail brackets and glass fittings make it possible to fit a staircase railing just about anywhere and to mix and match your railing styles any way you like.  Accessories like stainless steel fittings and handrail brackets also contribute to a clean and elegant look that matches the contemporary and clean-cut style of modern architecture perfectly.

Modern staircase railing systems do vary a lot from the traditional but the biggest difference between traditional railings and modern railings is the diversity.  There are so much change and so much uniqueness to these modern railings that it is almost impossible to pin these systems to a specific trait or trend.  

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