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Traditional Stairs

Traditional stairs feature intricate craft and design elements that came before modern machines and mass production. At S&A, we bring traditional design into the modern home, combining the generous and decorative design features of period architecture with the precise nature of modern production.


A transient style that takes form according to location of culture, memorable Traditional Architecture combines local building methods with material that is locally or traditionally sourced. As it applies to stairs in the Australian market, traditional stair design typically features Australian hardwoods, and is designed to suit classic Australian architecture. In the south, Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash are the most prominent timbers, while in the north, Sydney Blue Gum and Blackbutt are the most common timbers.


Stylistically, Australian design has changed with almost every passing generation, from narrow, simple stairs in Federation era Victorian Terrace houses, to spacious designs in Californian bungalows of the mid century. As it relates to the way stairs are designed, S&A is always considered in the way it chooses style and materials. It’s important that design is lead by considerations like location and sociability of materials.